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A Unique Bali Quad Bike Adventure

June 26, 2017

Bali Island ATV

Bali is well known for it’s tropical beaches, surf breaks, luxury hotels and villas, as well as providing great experiences for the budget traveller. But beyond the beaches and bars there’s a whole other world waiting to be discovered. Experience another side of Bali whilst having an adrenaline pumping adventure at the same time with a Bali quad biking tour.

With a base on the stunning black sands of Yeh Gangga Beach, Bali Island ATV are the Bali quad biking experts. For your ATV Bali adventure, you’ll be riding the best quad bikes on the island. Fully automatic, with engine sizes from 500CC – 700CC these modern bikes are easy to ride and designed to be ridden either solo or tandem in comfort. Quality matters at Bali Island ATV – they want you have the best possible experience so they take care of their bikes with a regular programme of maintenance by mechanics who are supervised by a team of visiting international technicians. With a focus on customer care, all of their guides are experienced, knowledgeable about the local area and English speaking.

Bali Island ATV

A Bali Island ATV quad biking tour is great activity for the whole family. Within easy reach of the popular tourist areas of south Bali, including Canggu, Seminyak and Kuta, you’ll get to see and experience a whole other side to Bali, seemingly a million miles away from the popular tourist destinations. After a quick briefing from the guides, you’ll be out on the bikes and racing along the deserted beach, with only your group – and maybe the occasional fisherman –  for company, you’ll really feel like you’re getting away from it all. Splash through freshwater streams and feel just how powerful and how much fun these bikes can be!

Bali Island ATV

From the beach, your tour will head inland and through Yeh Gangga village. Time to ease off the throttle and relax into a calmer Balinese way of life. Village life in Bali has remained largely unchanged for generations, so take the time to soak it up. Open fronted warungs – local shops and eateries – line the road side and here people come to shop, eat and catch up on the village gossip over a meal of mei goreng (fired noodles) of nasi campur. Take note of the family houses – all small compounds with several buildings and the family temple where daily offerings and prayers are made. Bali has 3 calendars, one of which is based on a cycle of ceremonies. It’s likely that you’ll be lucky enough to witness one while you’re here, accompanied by the mesmerizing sounds of the gamelan – the traditional Balinese music played on an orchestra of metalaphones and gongs.


Best ATV in Bali

From the village you’ll head to a sea of eternal green – Yeh Gangga has one of Bali’s largest areas of rice paddies, which provide a stunning vista. As you ride through the rice paddies, the rice stalks rusting gently in the warm tropical breeze, notice the local rice farmers in their conical hats to protect them from the strong sun tending to their precious crop as their ancestors have for hundreds of years. Emerging from this emerald green landscape you’ll ride to a low cliff top providing stunning panoramas of the area including the beach and surf breaks.  As you return once more to the beach, and ride again across the black sands, you’ll even have the chance to visit a bat cave. When you arrive back at base, relax with a drink and BBQ Sausage Sizzle – the perfect end to an adventurous and cultural experience.


One or two hour tours are available and all include transport from your hotel accommodation in south Bali if you book directly, so there’s no worry about organizing your own transport. For a truly unforgettable experience, a sunset tour is highly recommended. Bali is famous for simply stunning sunsets – the whole horizon turning into an almost indescribable pallet of colours. These sunsets are sure to live long in your holiday memories, and what better way to experience one than on a quad bike tour on an empty beach?



Providing excellent customer care and taking your safety seriously, Bali Island ATV have developed a solid reputation for providing amazing tours with high quality bikes in a safe manner. All tour prices are fully inclusive of insurance and helmets and a safety briefing are provided. Their quad bikes are easy to ride because they’re fully automatic, and they were designed to carry up to two people so it’s safe and comfortable to ride as a duo. If you want to get out and see and experience more of Bali, this really is fantastic way to do it, perfect for groups of friends of families alike. Bali Island ATV having been getting rave reviews so why not join in the fun yourself?

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Find out more from their website:  www.quadbikingbali.com

Facebook :  www.fb.com/quadbikingbali/





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