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Amazing Greek destinations for every season of 2020

February 26, 2020

Here to bring you your monthly travel inspiration, be prepared for some truly amazing Greek destinations for every season of 2020. Contrary to popular opinion that Greece is primarily associated with summer holidays by the beach, it is a place that can offer visitors rewarding holiday experiences all year round. It is a country of diverse landscapes, that go beyond the typical sun and sea holiday, and while this enjoyable combination is a top recommendation for summer in Greece, there are other kinds of holidays to be taken during other seasons that will reveal the full extent of true Greek splendour. Here are four amazing Greek destinations, one for each season, that have one thing in common: stunning and inspiring visuals and experiences to satiate the soul.

Spring-aplenty in Monemvasia

Heading to the Peloponnese for our springtime destination of amazing Greek places that generously offer glorious visuals, this time, amidst plush, countryside surroundings. Monemvasia is located on the East Coast of the Peloponnese and can be reached by way of a 4 hour drive from Athens. The route is mostly a scenic one, so the time will pass quite pleasantly, especially if you have your favourite music on. Once you reach Monemvasia, you will realize just how those 4 hours drive were well worth it. A place characterised by incredible rural landscapes and structures of distinct Medieval charm, together with a fortified castle-town of Venetian architecture and a tumultuous history that spans many eras. For staying in a piece of the region’s history, consider a restored, luxury mansion hotel in Monemvasia. The expansive grounds of the estate will surround you with pastoral delight and a plethora of experiences that will introduce you to the local way of life. Expect tranquility and serene moments within blooming nature during the Spring, where you can reconnect not just with your partner, but with yourself too, first and foremost.  

Summer-lusting on the islands

When the Greek Summer kicks in, your best bet is to be island-bound. However, with over 200 inhabited islands to choose from, how will you ever decide where to begin? First-timers in Greece during Summer should definitely start with the Cycladic islands which are the most known. Paragons of this island cluster are the jet-set party island of Mykonos, the sacred and sublime Delos, the astonishing Santorini, the dramatic Folegandros, the laid-back Paros among others… the list goes on. If you want to see the classic Cyclades in the smartest way possible, try a Cyclades island cruise. In between conventional sailing and cruises, a boutique cruise comes to fill the gap between the mass appealing cruise liners and regular sailing which can be a challenge for some. Consider the fact that you will only have to board once, while you get to visit between 8 and 10 islands as well as coastal locations, interchanging your “room” views everyday. When you embark on a Greek island summerlust sea adventure, you will have to trade your ‘room with sea view’, with a ‘room at sea, with many views’. If you can live with that, then let the island hopping adventure begin!    

Autumn-extraordinaire in Corfu

For those who think that summer ends in August, well, in Greece, summer seeps into τthe Autumn months bringing with it astonishing weather. Temperatures are still high while the sea is at its warmest. Given that the Ionian islands are lesser known than the Cyclades and the Aegean islands as a whole, we are thrilled to showcase yet another stunning spot in Corfu. Corfu is known as the Lady of the Ionian islands, due to its old town being a popular place for the high society of the 19th century. We have spoken about the elegance of the old town of Corfu, but here we focus on the incomparable verdancy of Corfu. There is one place on the island’s west coast where the trees topple down to the azure waters of Agios Gordios beach, where a luxury seaside resort in Corfu is built at the foot of a dramatic cliff. It is an adults-only hotel that generously offers stunning visuals from its seafront location and panoramic views as far as the eye can see. Here, guests can fully unwind, basking in phenomenal vistas and services that enhance the magic of the location. Everything is set up in a way so as to amplify the tranquil sensation that comes naturally there. 

Winter-wonderland in Pelion

Pelion is one place in Greece that is known for its wonderful mountains. Green in Spring, barren in Summer, orange in Autumn and white during Winter. Of course going on a holiday to the mountains is not the usual for Spring-Summer or even in Autumn when most people would rather capitalize on the amazing weather that Greece enjoys, with mild changes between the seasons. So when winter is in full throttle, it is usual for the locals to take to the Greek mountains, especially if there is enough snow, when skiing is definitely on the itinerary and is a highly recommended activity. Pelion Ski centre is located just a 25 minute drive from the lovely village of Portaria, one of the quaintest settlements in the region. Staying at a stone built, traditional hotel in Portaria will you in the heart of Pelion, ready to conquer the slopes and discover all those things that make the region unique; sauntering around the mountain villages and enjoying a quiet coffee at one of their picturesque squares, the honest food served at the family-owned tavernas, and that feeling of gratitude for the simpler and perhaps most valuable things in life.


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