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Enjoy the Warm Sun in Nusa Penida at Nusa Garden Bungalow

February 16, 2016

After traveling throughout Bali for a week, we decided to move to a smaller island off of Bali called Nusa Penida.  Here is where you feel true culture and peace.  The locals are the friendliest I’ve met, the views are stunning, and the water is crystal clear.  Unfortunately, accommodation is sparse on this small island, however, not much is needed as you will want to explore all day and just soak up whatever you can while you stay on this small island.



While here, we stayed at Nusa Garden Bungalow on the north coast.   These bungalows are made up of small temple-looking homes, with a small simple room and bathroom inside.  With a choice of bunkbeds or full size beds, it is a great place to stay with either friends or a significant other.  There is forestation along the path, making you feel like you are staying in a jungle, however, this also means loud noises throughout the night, such as chickens or geckos.  Unfortunately, the wifi did not work while we stayed their either, but it was a nice getaway from technology where you could truly appreciate the nature and culture around.  If you do need to get online, there are wifi spots around, so this is not a problem. It should also be noted that no hot water is available, however, there is no hot water anywhere on the island, so this is normal.




The bungalow is run by a Ukrainian family that has been living on Nusa Penida for 2 years.  They were very accommodating with anything we needed, such as towels, and the owner even helped us book a dive with a local diving school, Nusa Penida Watersport. He also gave us many tips on what to see and where to eat on the island, which made our stay on the island all the better. It is centrally located and also offers motorbikes for rental to help you explore the amazing island.  Nusa Garden Bungalow’s charm matched perfectly with the rest of the island.  The jungle-like feel and the many animals that surround you on the premises (including an adorable monkey) truly makes you feel like you are living on a small island, which is exactly what is needed to get away from the hustle and bustle of Bali.

Nusa Garden Bungalow
250,000 rupiah per night
Desa Batu Nunggul Banjar Sampalan, Nusa Peninda, Bali 80771





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