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Five Travel Photo Tips You Need To Know

June 11, 2017

Are you travelling and want to take the best possible photos? Well these five tips will help you to do just that – take a look.

Travel Light

By its very nature, travel photography is exciting and inspirational ” however when preparing what you will take with you, it can be easy to get carried away. Although taking your entire kit abroad would be awesome, certain particulates such as insurance costs or baggage regulations could mean that it might be a better idea to rent equipment when you arrive or just carry less items.

If however you do decide to take your own kit, traveling light is a must: unless you have room for a spare, only one body, a bundle of memory cards, a portable storage unit, a mini tripod that is lightweight or of course the flexible Gorillapod, a flash unit, a pocket size compact, various lenses and a camera bag that us durable and evenly distributes the weight across the shoulders and protects your gear from moisture, cold, heat and sand.

Choose the Proper Lenses

A wide scope of genres are opened while traveling for the exploration of the avid photographer, but ultimately, picking the lenses that you will take can either hinder or help you in the field. If you only have a budget or the space for one glass, it is best to go with a fast zoom, for example a 18-200mm or a 28-300mm, etc.

There will be times in which your focal point will be way out there, however there are also times in which it may be right under your nose, this is why taking along a focal length lens that begins with a nice wide angle following through to telephoto is a good idea.

Be Quick

A great way to capture the vibe of a new place is with candid photographs of people. However when photographing someone, you want to make sure they are unaware of you capturing them. This means you should not hang out, have your camera ready and quickly take a shot. If you are spotted and they seem, awesome: wave at them and request their permission to snap another once. Remember that people will become self conscious if you take too long so once again, be quick! If their response is a frown, offer an apologetic wave and move on.

Themes and Details

Many times there are things about a particular place that will stick in your mind. For example, in a spice market, it could be the bright colors, it could be the texture of the walls and the peeling paint in an old Tuscan city. Regardless of what it is, make it a point to shoot a series of images of it. Many times it is not the bigger picture you recall, it is the details. This is the sort of thing that will help you entice more Instagram followers to follow and like you.

Go Selfie Crazy

Make sure that you shoot some pics of you enjoying your trip. However do not do it while holding your camera at arm’s length: place it on a tripod and, if it has the option use the Wi-Fi control on your phone or the self-timer. Make sure to include people in scenery and landscape shots, this helps to add depth and scale. Also if the people in your pics are not looking at the camera, but rather at the view, their gaze will help to draw the viewer’s eyes in the intended direction.




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