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Fresh and authentic sushi in Porto

July 20, 2017

Fresh and authentic sushi – the motto is simple and uncomplicated.

Opened since December, in one of the main avenues of Porto, Avenida da Boavista, Sushi&Go, as its name says, was inspired by a clear concept of sushi, offering a wide range of pieces, to take “quickly” but never compromising quality and diversity.

As a “fast food restaurant”, putting aside the negative connotation of the expression, the place offers an efficient way to serve sushi.

You can enjoy your meal at the restaurant, take it away or if you are in one of those lazy days, just pick up the phone and make your order. It’s all about the rice – explains Vitor Sousa, the owner and responsible of bringing the concept to Porto.

The essence of the traditional sushi as we know remains in each piece of it, without any fried options, since they “hide the real taste of the pieces”.

There are several options for you – you can try the traditional spring rolls, maki rolls and even the chirashi, which are slices of raw fish with vinegared rice. We definitely recommend you to also try the tartar or the ceviche.

The sushi at Sushi&Go is really delicious !!! You could taste the freshness and sweetness of the raw fish with every single bite, and I swear there is a salty tinge of the ocean too! I really wanted to eat more, but unfortunately I am a small eater and I maxed out after ordering ‘ceviche’ twice.

You can combine all the boxes with some Miso soup, carrot salad, kale salad or vinegared rice. If you are with a group of friends, choose the Deluxe Box, with 54 pieces for 67€.

Sushi&Go is indeed a gem of a find! We had really happy bellies after such a yummy sushi dinner.

If you are looking to have a real, satisfying meal in an unpretentious environment, try to visit Sushi&Go when you are in Porto!


  • Site:
  • Address: Av. da Boavista 961, Porto
  • Phone: 808 10 00 44

Article by: Inês Graça




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