Collaborate with us and Travel for FREE

Over the last 3 years we have been traveling full time and we got to enjoy  a lot of sponsored Hotel Stays, Dinners, Flights, Spa’s, etc.

Having all those things for free is obviously awesome but it does involve some work and took us over 1 year to come up with a proper plan on how to approach sponsors and to convince them to give us what we want.

Having figured out and enjoyed all the perks of those free and sponsored Freebies we have decided to share the love by teaching and collaborate with 10 talented Travel lovers.

What does this mean exactly?

This means that we will be teaching and collaborating with 10 Travel lovers and that YOU can start getting the free stays and perks that we get in any destination you would like to visit.

That’s right, we will be picking 10 people to go travel for Free on behalf of 55Secrets and you can be one of them.

What do you need?

Since we are in the Travel niche it would be great if you are passionate about traveling and if you have any extra skill it will obviously work in your favor.

Things that will be a good asset:

  • Having a good camera to take photos and videos
  • Being able to write good articles about your experience whenever you get a free partnership
  • Having some free time to contact possible partners in the locations you would like to visit
  • Having some followers on Instagram (this is not a must but would obviously help)


Will I have to work for it?

Yes, obviously if you want to get to stay at a 5 Star Resort for free you will need to do some work for it but we will teach you all you need to do. We will guide you through the process of picking a target, approaching them and even what you will be offering them in behalf of 55Secrets.

If you close a deal, you are responsible for it. You will go enjoy those fancy Hotels for us. But you will also be responsible to cover the activities and write about it and be professional since you will be representing us.


Why are you doing this? What’s do you win with this?

First, because we think it’s awesome that others can enjoy the perks we have been enjoying without paying and teaching others about the entire process.

Second, because we can’t be in more than one place at a time and therefore someone else can take advantage of a different location where we are not.

Third, you will be helping us collecting contacts and creating connections with different brands that we can work with in the future so it’s a win win for everyone.


How can I apply to collaborate with you?

Simple, send us an email telling us why you love to travel, what skills you can offer and If you are traveling full-time or if you live somewhere in the world. Include also the following details: Name, Age, Country, Instagram URL and Facebook Profile.


We will be getting back to EVERYONE who applies.


Email your application to


Few Photos from our Partnerships

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