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Stay on the Beach at Silver Coast Beach Hotel in Ngwe Saung, Myanmar

December 3, 2015

After a busy week of sight-seeing and long bus rides, we decided to take a few days and relax at the beach.  We had heard how beautiful the beaches are in Myanmar, so we decided to check it out for ourselves.  We chose to go to Ngwe Saung because of how secluded it is and because it is only 6 hours away from Yangon.


In Ngwe Saung we stayed at the beach front Silver Coast Beach Hotel.  The hotel is not only one of the cheaper resorts on the south side of Ngwe Saung, but it is also one of the nicer hotels we saw.  The rooms themselves are large, cozy, and have a great view of the beach.  The great part about the hotel is that they provide so many free amenities, the price seems almost too low.  Each party is given half a house with air con, a balcony with free tea, and a bathtub.  They also provide free unlimited towels, bug spray, delicious pancake and egg breakfast every morning, and room cleaning every day to clean up all the sand you acquire from the beach.  Although not free, you are also able to rent cheap motorbikes or bicycles to explore the quaint town thats full of restaurants and small shops.




Aside from all the amenities provided, the staff was so helpful.  Every time we asked for something, they would immediately assist and they even helped us book Lil Yangon for the 3rd and last night we were to stay in Yangon.  Their exceptional help and care made our stay at Silver Coast Beach Hotel more than we could have expected.  Staying at this resort made our time on the beach amazing and made us fall in love with Myanmar all over again.

Silver Coast Beach Hotel
$50/night for 2 persons & $55/night for 3 persons
Ngwe Saung Beach, Ngwe Saung, Myanmar




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