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Why you should wear Cowboy Boots

May 11, 2017

Who says cowboy boots are exclusively for cowboys? Cowboy boots might not be the first thing you immediately think of when it comes to covetable, fashionable shoes, but it’s quickly re-emerging as a major trend. “Tricky to pull off”, they say! Fortunately, this is no longer a reason to hesitate to wear them, when you have the best cowboy boots available in the market.

Nowadays, several brands are producing high-quality cowboy boots making them more comfortable, fashionable and super resistant. Experiencing several changes in its aesthetics Cowboy boots have been associated with high quality and durability, lasting years beyond anything you could buy at the mall.

Cowboy boots say a lot about the person wearing them, and for this reason, their popularity has long moved far beyond the cattle ranch and onto the feet and into the collections of fans worldwide. There are a number of men who have never ridden a horse, yet own and look great in a pair of Western boots.  So why don’t you give it a try?

Cowboy boots have history

With so many years of evolution, cowboy boots have a rich and interesting history. Certain parts of the boots were created with a specific purpose back in that time. The heel of the Cowboy boots is not purely decorative. It is shaped in a particular way so that it fits in perfectly in a stirrup and helps secure the Cowboy on his horse.

Western boots have no laces because, in the event that the Cowboy fell off his horse, it would be too complicated if the laces get caught in the stirrup and drag the Cowboy. This particular design aspect of the boot was created for safety reasons.

Cowboy boots give you instant style

The beauty of these boots is that it doesn’t take much to create a stylish outfit with them. You can simply pair your boots with a shirt and jeans a let your boots carry the day. Their height, toe shape, heel height, and overall style make them the focus of your outfit.

Cowboy boots require confidence

To put it simple:  Cowboy boots are an attention-grabbing accessory that is sure to get people looking. With a variety of materials, colors, and finishes they are far away from being subtle. The key to successfully pulling cowboy boots is to wear them with confidence. Wear them like you mean it!

If a man is self-conscious about his boots it instantly shows in his posture and body language, and that does not make for a very attractive picture. Wearing western boots with confidence will have people talking. They’ll either give you compliments or at least comment about them. And that’s not a bad thing.

Tradition has it that cowboys, ranchers or anyone else who wore this style of boots would go to a cobbler to have them custom-fitted. If you’re looking to get your own piece of history when it comes to cowboy boots, you should definitely check the different styles of Western boots available on the market and see which one fits your style the best.




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