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Best Portuguese Brands: Christmas Gift Ideas

November 23, 2022

You don’t need somebody’s wish list to pick out a memorable Christmas gift for them — you just need a little inspiration. From thoughtful treats and best-selling products to personalized gifts, we’ve rounded up our favorite things to give this holiday season. We’ve found things for every type of person too — and every price point. The most important is that every single product selected by our team is created or designed by a Portuguese brand. It’s important to showcase and promote national and unique brands and this Christmas season we want to make sure we share only the best of the best of what is done in Portugal with love. This is our complete guide with what we consider to be the best portuguese brands with the most unique products that you and your loved ones will fall in love with!

Best Portuguese Brands

Infusões com História

With a truly unique product and a premium limited edition created just for the Christmas Season, Infusões com História is the kind of Portuguese brand we love and that truly represents the portuguese essence. High quality, natural and with a strong connection to the local and cultural aspects of the country. We have tried their unique infusions and we loved it. A truly unique and special gift ideas for this season.

Like the Portuguese caravel ships that set sail in the 1500s, opening up new worlds to the whole world and shipping the best the country had to offer, the Discovery Box contains the Portuguese soul, the scents of the mountains, the rivers and the vines. The entire collection of Infusões com História – The Green Portuguese Heritage – 3 Misturas do Românico (Romanesque blends) and 6 Misturas do Rio e da Vinha (river and vine blends) – now comes in a special package made by craftsmen. It contains an Infusion Notebook to write down your tea-tasting notes and the recollections of the fine moments provided, in the right amount, and a Cutipol dosing spoon, an invitation to engage in a journey of discovery.

Founded in 2017, the brand breathes the pure mountain air and harvests the raw materials that are at its origin from nature.

More than a product, the brand Infusions with History aims to recover the legacy of Portugal and awaken sensorial experiences, with a mission: Valorization of the territory, its products and the producers.

Sustainability and fair trade are fundamental pillars in all production, so that history continues. A small contribution to the world that we want to help preserve.

Sold in the online store, Infusions with History wants to diversify its audience through pairing with gastronomy, in partnership with some of the best chefs and sommeliers. The objective is to assume itself as an option for wine. From the beginning to the end of the meal, an experience that it wants to multiply next year and position itself on the menus of top restaurants, alongside the most famous labels, because it is the terroir and savoir- faire applied in the blends that make the brand unique.

All infusions are obtained through the traditional drying process of the plants and bear the BIO, kosher certifications and the Portugal Sou Eu seal. In 2020 and 2021, Infusions with History won seven prizes in the international competition Les Thés du Monde, organized by AVPA – Agence pour la Valorisation des Produits Agricoles, in Paris, obtaining the highest distinction, the “Gourmet Or” for Inspiring Infusion, from the Douro Blends range.

Where to buy Infusões com História?

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Volt Padel

The perfect gift for that family member or friend who just cant live without talking about Padel. It’s trendy, it’s addictive and it’s a lot of fun! Volt is a brand that is on the top level of producers for high level Padel

Volt Padel is a premium Padel Brand, born in 2016 in Portugal, with the purpose of creating top quality equipment, with a unique design. Their Volt 900 is a masterpiece in the padel world used by the 11 times portuguese champion Ana Nogueira. The kind of gift that will leave anyone who loves Padel extremely happy and ready for lots of games at the highest level. The racket comes with a custom made bag perfect for transportation.

Volt’s mission is to be recognized by the Padel players as the brand with better balance between quality and design.

This is what drives them to work constantly in research, development and quality improvement. They do that with the purpose of delivering their costumers new and better products, with a special focus on their major distinctiveness – a premium and clean design, which is a trademark across all their products.  Volt Padel is based in Porto, Portugal and it is currently present in over 40 countries, in 5 continents.

Where to buy Volt Padel?

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Nothing says Christmas better than some delicious traditional homemade cookies. Paupério is a Portuguese brand that I grew up with and their recipe for cookies has remained the same and makes me think about Christmas everytime i eat one of their original cookies.

Paupério was created back in 1874 and it’s currently on their 6th generation that has kept the recipes and traditions the same as the original one. When something is delicious, there’s no point to change it!

You can get their cookies online or in one of their shops and all products are producted in Portugal. They have different packages that you pick as gifts and that are the perfect Christmas Gift and a true celebration of the traditinal pastry traditions in Portugal.

Where to buy Paupério?

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Owl Paperlamps

The perfect pick for those who love Origami, DIY projects and a personalized touch. We picked the Cachalot DIY paperlamp and we love how it looks in the dark.

This item is a DIY (Do It Yourself) papercraft kit for you to build the model. It contains a pre-cut paper model and a light fixture with an E14 light bulb socket, electrical cord with switch and plug. Also included in the kit is an assembly guide and a practice model. The paperlamps are made with high quality 160g paper that contains cotton and presents good resistance and durability. A variety of colours is available.

OWL paperlamps is a design brand created in 2016 by Hugo and Teresa, in Lisbon, Portugal.

Inspired by the japanese art of folding small paper figures, we combine modeling with illumination to design original papercraft lamps. They invite people to join the process and build their own lamp, as all OWL paperlamps consist of a DIY (Do It Yourself) papercraft kit ready to be assembled.

The paperlamps are made with high quality 160g paper and a variety of bright colours was carefully selected to create unique environments when the lamps are lit.

Their most recent designs have focused on endangered wildlife. The selection tends to raise awareness and simultaneously recreates the animals in a playful and abstract manner. The designs trigger stories and are conceived as fun lighting objects with a hint of personality.

Hugo Formiga and Teresa Almeida are founders, owners, creators and designers at OWL paperlamps since 2016 and they are based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Hugo is the head designer employing all his 3D modeling skills to give shape to the designs. He works as an architect in Lisbon and dedicates a good amount of time building the family of OWL paperlamps.

Teresa is involved throughout the whole conception, production and communication process of OWL paperlamps. Also an architect in Lisbon, she spends most of her time buried in paper models that pop up from every corner.

Where to buy Owl Paperlamps?

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This is the kind if gift I like to receive, a top quality backpack that is perfect to travel, water prooft and with a special a side laptop compartment on the outside and has waterproofing on the inside. The Côa Azul backpack is done with Vichy fabric and all lined inside with waterproof material and vulcanized zippers.

Monte Campo is a family-owned company created in 1978, exclusively dedicated to the manufacture and sale of several products related to outdoor sports and leisure activities.

Throughout their existence they have developed a serious commitment to their customers regarding the quality and design standards of all their products.

The use of more technical and specific materials both in fabrics and finishes has been a constant that they continue to seek to use, develop and improve more and more.

Their models have been perfected according to the needs and requests of the most diverse sectors, such as: campers, climbers, scouts, military, sportsmen, etc.

Monte Campo is a tailor of backpacks: it creates, develops and elaborates customized products taking into account the needs of the customers.

All this dedication, commitment and sacrifice are compensated by the recognition given in Portugal to Monte Campo as a market leader and national reference brand in these sectors of activity.

Where to buy Montecampo?

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Arte Nova

The ladies of the family will melt once they get one of the beautiful jewels from Arte Nova. The necklace Alinia is made with Silver and a syntetic stone and is the perfect gift for the fashion lovers in the family. We loved the look of the necklace and how beautiful it is while its also low profile and classy at the same time.

Arte Nova Jewellery was born in 2019, however its history began much earlier, through the hands of a visionary goldsmith machine manufacturer, which in 1956 adventured himself to start what is now one of the leading companies on the design and production of gold and silver jewellery in Portugal. Today, already on its third generation, the company still continues with the bigger legacy left by its founder – his innovation, creativity and dynamism, whilst keeping the same traditions and production processes, but most of all, always keeping the same passion for the goldsmith art. All our jewellery is created and developed like art pieces, focusing on design, extreme rigor on quality and always keeping the same excellence of over 60 years of production.

Where to buy Arte Nova?

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Zouri Shoes

Being born and raised in the town of Guimarães, this brand is one of those that has a special meaning to me since I love to see good projects coming out of my hometown. All their products are unique and with a really special touch and look with the bonus of having a great message and environmental goal heading it all.

Sustainable and Water Resistant sneakers crafted in 100% eco-vegan materials and with plastic from the Ocean. The ones you see in our photos are created with Piñatex wich is pineapple leaves fabric. How cool is that?

ZOURI is an eco-vegan footwear brand that uses the best sustainable materials and plastic waste from the Ocean. 100% made in Portugal

It is in the heart of Portugal, Guimarães, that all zouris are produced. Fair and ethical production. 100% made in Portugal

Their factory in Guimarães guarantees that every pair of sneakers has the same detail and perfection. When you receive your sneakers you will see a letter with all the materials used in the sneakers, quantities, and location of plastic also the name of the persons that made your Zouri.

All raw materials are sustainable.  The natural rubber and organic cotton are completely natural and organic  since  they wanted to step aside from microfibers, leather and synthetics.

Where to buy Zouri Shoes?

Website | Instagram


This creative and unique Portuguese brand brings us 2 incredible gift ideas for your Christmas list. Dedal makes unique and useful everyday objects that turn daily routines into memorable moments.

Their commitment is to preserve Portuguese manufacturing skills by supporting local businesses while empowering young designers.

Their collection was produced with socially responsible buyers in mind. Dedal believe sthat conscious consumers can actively contribute to a better world.

One of those brands we get inspired by and that truly have the right mindset and on top of that, have incredible products.

KAFO: The stackable containers

Originally designed to store coffee capsules hanging like colourful mushrooms off a tree, Kafo is a stackable multi-purpose container.

If tea is more your bag, then Kafo is also perfect for storing it.

But there’s more, Kafo is a multi-tasker, ready to be used as a beautiful storage for your pens and pencils, jewellery or to empty pockets full of trinkets.

NUKSO : The nutcracker fit for the strongest

Once upon a time in Alsace, France, there was a walnut tree with a special nut, hand chosen to become the mould of our Nukso.

Hand-picked by the designer, this walnut in brass challenges you to crack nuts with your bare hands. Are you up for this challenge? If so, you’ll always have one nut in your hands: a non-eatable and very precious Nukso!

If you love nuts and can’t resist a golden touch, take this walnut home. It was specially chosen and made the artisanal way in the West region of Portugal.

Where to buy Dedal?

Website | Instagram


There’s no better gift to me than one that used things that have an history, a past or belonged to someone else are are now brought back to life with a new purpose. That’s what I felt when I first heard about Musgo and i have to say I’ve felt in love with their products and concept. Truly one of the most incredible gift ideas for this Christmas.

After spending 3 years in Rio de Janeiro, Margarida e Rui have returned to Portugal in 2016 and create MUSGO. In their studio, in a restored dairy, they design a range of furniture, specially lamps.

They reuse wood from old house works, such as beams, doors and windows, accepting the imperfections of this material.

Based on sustainability, they also enhance local production, manual character and the subsistence of professions falling into disuse.

“Once I was a door! Cracks? Yes there are! Stains? For sure! Nails? Sometimes!

Table lamp handmade by local artisans, made with concrete, reused natural wood from parts of old houses and biological oil.”

Where to buy Musgo?

Website | Instagram

Gates of Heaven

Nothig matches better with Christmas than Candles and this is the kind of candles that make us proud of the premium products that some Portuguese brands design and create.

Gates of Heaven is a Portuguese premium candles brand, dedicated the inner beauty and luxurious experiences with the use of high quality materials.

Their mission is to create candles with elegant designs and modern, providing an instant feeling of comfort and luxury to your space. Each of the candles is made with vegetable wax by hand, from start to finish by their team.

​Essentially, everything you love about luxury candles, but at affordable prices.

Where to buy?

Website | Instagram

Marita Moreno

This one is the perfect gift for the fashionista with a passion for sustainability. Unique design with a cool vbe that won’t pass unnoticed in any event.

CORK SHELL Red Bag is one piece constructed with a zipper. It’s very light, flexible and made in cork. Can be stowed flat or rolled. This bag is vegan approved by PETA® and belong to Marita Moreno’s Vegan Line which is 100%

free from use of animals and animal cruelty. Due to being natural products, they may have slight changes in color tone.

It’s Produced in a unique and ethical way – using only Portuguese factories and handmade craft. Designed and made in Portugal.

Marita Moreno is a sustainable Portuguese fashion accessories brand created from a unique and ethical perspective. The products combine design with Portuguese heritage and culture.

Ethics, transparency in production and social responsibility have always been intrinsic values ​​of the brand. Since its creation, based on limited lines, the use of national raw materials, production in Portugal and the integration of traditional handcrafted textiles in the products, people began to look at environmental responsibility as a company and the importance of producing sustainably.

Where to buy?

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Joana Mota Capitão

With a unique style and a modern approach, Joana Mota Capitão is one of my favourite jeweler and her pieces are true art productions. This is the perfect gift for that special person in your life that loves unique and handmade jewels.

A contemporary approach that crosses organic elements and tolerant references, exploring a refined language, with volumes and fittings that make the pieces homogeneous and coherent.

Joana Mota Capitão Jewelery was born in May 2012, when Joana placed all my trust in this jewelery brand that she wanted to see flourish with her own style and concept.

In addition to her own collections, Joana also offers a personalized service consisting of custom-made pieces, metal recycling and cleaning.

Where to buy?

Website | Instagram

38 Graus

Christmas might not sound like the best time to buy swimwear but if you have someone in your family like me who loves to travel to tropical places during Portuguese winter, this might be just the perfect excuse to buy their next plane ticket.

Also, if you get tired of your bikini and want to get a new one, they will sell your old bikini for you and give you a 30 Euros discount for your next one. Sounds perfect to me 🙂

38 Graus are a swimwear brand, but not just one more.  They’re resistant to high temperatures and to everything that doesn’t last. 38 graus products are made for a life in the sunshine, sand and salt. They live for the ice creams, sea dips and sunset beers. Their swimwear are for every body and every expression. They are bodies of salt and souls of sugar. They are the plain and eternal summer, and just like me they want summer forever. 

38 Graus value the mixing of vivid colours, textures and the unexpected formats. Every pattern is uniquely hand designed by them and all production is made in Portugal.

Where to buy?

Website | Instagram


This one is the perfect idea for that special person in your life that loves plants and has a passion for home decor and indoor decor. Classy, simple and a great bonus on any house. We loved the vibes each plant brings to the space and how beautiful they are once bloomed.

When you’re passionate about citrus plants, working hand-in-hand with Mother Nature to ensure they thrive is instinctive. It’s this passion that inspired us to create the Citrina family of miniature ornamental citrus plants.

Since then, Citrina’s goal is trying to improve every year not only in production/quality of the product, it’s presentation but also the way of their product is perceived by the market.

Their effort to innovate started with the product itself, small citrus plants with strong roots and plenty of fruits. This was a big challenge and a continuous effort…

But the quality of the product is not enough. Together with this came the need of presenting an appealing product for the final customer. And why not edible fruits?  The aim was now to present an ornamental plant with no residues. This was achieved!

That led us to rebrand the all company – Green Synergy BV became CITRINA. With this a new concept began with a new approach – each plant received it’s own girl name, recipes were brought to the public, new social network and online sales were created to spread the brand. 

Your Citrina is at least three years old when it reaches you. Nurtured from seed, it has undergone a three-year process of rigorous monitoring and loving care. They also use a precise, time-honoured technique to ‘cross’ different varieties to combine the best characteristics of each plant.

Your Citrina’s life starts with a dormant seed germinated in a controlled greenhouse environment. As it grows, the stem reaches the right width and height to be grafted. Another Citrina that bears the fruit you see on your plant is then grafted onto the rootstock.

Citrina uses a specific dwarfing rootstock for their potted Citrinas.The plant flowers heavily, aromatically and produces an abundance of zesty fruit.

Plants are monitored daily and occasionally pruned to encourage the bushy growth and shape that looks so attractive in your home.

Where to buy Citrina?

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PICA·PAU Woodcraft

PICA·PAU Woodcraft is a Portuguese brand, founded in 2016, which combines the concepts of aesthetics and sustainability, replacing traditional materials such as plastic with more ecological and sustainable alternatives.

Originating from the Portuguese coast, its mission is to perfect the art of making glasses by hand, using wood, always maintaining environmental awareness and sustainable development as a principle.

They believe that they should give more to the planet than what they take, so they plant 5 trees for every pair of glasses sold, in partnership with reforestation projects around the world.

They are passionate about creating unique eyewear, combining innovative and unique designs with sustainable materials.

Where to buy PICA•PAU?

Website | Instagram


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