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Campervan Portugal Road Trip: Hidden Gems

March 17, 2020


Portugal has so much to offer other than Lisbon and a few well known places in Algarve. There are small towns, fluvial beaches, natural parks and incredible waterfalls and view points hidden all around the coutry.

We have been exploring our beautiful country for the last 4 years and saving every single place we visit and enjoy on a private list that we have kept for ourselves. A lot of our friends started asking for recommendations of cool hidden and less explored places to visit with a campervan around Portugal and we decided to create a complete and well organized map with the best places to visit on your campervan road trip around Portugal.

We have included location in the following categories:

  • Fluvial Beaches in Portugal
  • Portuguese Restaurants
  • Cool Towns and Villages
  • Unique spots
  • 12 Historial Villages of Portugal
  • Nature Spots
  • Beaches
  • Historical Sights
  • Abandoned Places

We keep adding new location on every new trip and we hope the list is your best friend for an incredible van trip around Portugal.

Click Here to check the full Van Life Portugal Road Trip MAP

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