Summer Internship @ The Nomad Farm 2020

Do you want  to spend your Summer living in a creative farm in the North of Portugal learning how to work remotely with personal guidance and with time to focus on your personal projects?

This is your chance!!  During 2 months we will be taking an intern at The Nomad Farm that will be helping us in the development of a few new projects being done at 55 Secrets and The Nomad Farm.

We are António & Marina. A Portuguese couple that has been working remotely for the last 6 years and decided to move from the city to a small farm in the Portuguese countyside. We turned an abandoned farm into our small piece or paradise. We have a big house with a decidated second house used as a coworking space and lots of outdoor space where we grow most of our fruits, vegetables and have our animals.

You will be living in a farm with fiber internet, a dedicated co-working area  with a massive outdoor area and garden in Barcelos (Portugal). We usually do trips on the weekends and we live 12 km from the ocean (Yes, it’s perfect if you want to Surf on your free time). To find out more about where you will be staying check The Nomad Farm on Facebook or website.

You will be helping us on some of our online and in house projects 5 hours per day ( Monday to Friday)

IN SHORT? This internship position is perfect for: a creative being who want to break into the remote work / travel / marketing industry that loves nature and wants a totally out of the box experience…

Want to hear more? Read on….


+ SEEKING // 2  months Internship
+ YOU GET // Your own bed in a shared room, paid bills, all meals ( Breakfast, lunch & Dinner) and 150 Euros of pocket money per month to help you out}
+ KICK-OFF DATE // June or July, 2020 { depending on the current Covid Situation }
+ TIME COMMITMENT // approximately 25 hours per week


+ Fluent in English
+ A LOVE for traveling, social media, online marketing and nature.
+ Working experience in WordPress and Canva {Not a must but a good plus}
+ A laptop
+ Knowledge and experience with Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest.
+ Creative, passionate, positive, out-of-the-box thinker.
+ Strong work ethic.
+ Proactive, driven, organized.
+ Strong online research skills on topics that are new to you.
+ Video edition knowledge {not a must}
+  Have a learning-focused attitude.


+ Curating, drafting + editing blog content
+ Responding to emails
+ Scheduling + tracking social media + e-campaigns
+ designing email mailouts, and promotional materials
+ Online Research and contact prospect partners
+ Creating Social Media Content
+ Creating animated videos
+ Promoting The Nomad Farm on Social Media
+ Helping around the farm in the gardens and the house
+ Audio Recording
+ and plentiful other creative stuff…


+ Weekly // mentoring and support sessions with  us
+ Living in a creative farm with an international crown
+ be an integral part of an inspiring project…
+ Learn how to work remotely
+ testimonial + letter of reference at the conclusion of the internship
+ Learn how to make a website, grow an online brand, create online courses, find remote clients and so on
+ enjoy the summer in the lovely north of Portugal
+ Learn about farming and growing your own food
+ Get to live a real Portuguese Experience


+ Over 80 Travel Guides published
+ 160k followers on Instagram
+ 35k followers on Facebook
+ over 25 Amazon Best Sellers
+ Over 200k readers reached per month
+ 10 Online Courses with 50k+ Students


+ Lovely farm in Barcelos (Portugal)
+ Brand new Coliving Space
+ Huge outdoor area
+ Great internet all around
+ Mini Swimming pool
+ Supermarkets, bars, restaurants, cafes and all you need 10 min bike away
+ 20 min from the beach
+ 1 hours by train or bus from Porto
+ Perfect to work on personal projects on your free time
+ Family vibes

We started the farm because, after traveling around and working remotely for several years, we couldn’t find a place that had the perfect balance between work and nature. The goal is to have a place where we can enjoy a slow paced life away from the hussle of the big city and live as a family with people from around the world and share meals, personal & work experiences and adventures.


  1. Your resume / portfolio.
  2. Contact info, links to your blog/website (if you have one) and social media ( poersonal Facebook and Instagram).
  3. Answers to the five questions below.

1 // Who are you, really? What’s your big, beautiful dream?
2 // What do you hope to learn from this experience ?
3 // Where are you at in your life, right now?
4 // Where are you at in your career, right now?
5 // What experiences or skills qualify you for the position?

SIDE NOTE: creative, out-of-the-box applications are heartily welcomed!

DEADLINE : 15th April 2020

Send all your info to :