Summer Internship – Become a Digital Nomad

Do you want  to spend your Summer living in a creative farm in the North of Portugal learning how to generate online/passive income with personal guidance on how to start your own online business?

This is your chance!!  During 2 months I will be taking an intern at The Nomad Farm that will be helping in the development of the new projects being done at 55 Secrets and other new businesses that will be launched in September.

You will be living in a farm with good internet, with a common working area  with a massive outdoor area and garden in Barcelos. We usually do trips on the weekends and we live 12 km from the ocean (Yes, it’s perfect if you want to Surf). To find out more about where you will be staying check The Nomad Farm on Facebook.

You can work whenever you want as long as you reach the week goals and tasks (that means you can work 2 days per week if you wish as long as things get done)


IN SHORT? This internship position is perfect for: a creative beings who want to break into the digital nomad / travel / marketing industry…

Want to hear more? Read on….




+ SEEKING // 2  months, sponsored Internship {You get: Your own Private room, paid bills, and 150 Euros of pocket money per month}
+ KICK-OFF DATE // July, 2016
+ TIME COMMITMENT // approximately 20 hours per week {flexible}



+ Fluent in English
+ A LOVE for traveling, social media, online marketing and adventure.
+ Working experience in Photoshop and WordPress {Not a must but a good plus}
+ A laptop
+ Knowledge and experience with Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest.
+ Creative, passionate, positive, out-of-the-box thinker.
+ Strong work ethic. Willingness to HUSTLE with all heart.
+ Proactive, driven, organized.
+ Strong online research skills on topics that are new to you
+ Video edition knowledge {not a must}
+  Have a learning-focused attitude. I’m less interested in what you know or have experience with than I am in your attitude and ability to adapt to new situations.



+ Managing writers and contacting team members
+ curating, drafting + editing blog content
+ Responding to emails
+ Scheduling + tracking social media + e-campaigns
+ designing email mailouts, and promotional materials
+ Travel Research and contact prospect partners
+ Update product photos and details to an online shop
+ and plentiful other creative stuff…



+ Weekly // one-on-one mentoring + strategy sessions with  55 Secrets founder
+ Living in a creative farm with an international crown
+ be an integral part of a rapidly growing, inspiring brand…
+ Learn how to get paid to travel the world
+ testimonial + letter of reference at the conclusion of the internship
+ Learn how to make a website, grow an online brand and generate passive income
+ enjoy the summer in the lovely north of Portugal



+ Over 50 Travel Guides published
+ 56k followers on Instagram
+ 18k followers on Facebook
+ over 25 Amazon Best Sellers
+ Over 200k readers reached per month



  1. Your resume / portfolio.
  2. Contact info, and links to your blog/website (if you have one) and social media.
  3. Answers to the five questions below.

// Who are you, really? What’s your big, beautiful dream?
// What do you hope to learn from this internship ?
// Where are you at in your career, right now?
// What experiences or skills qualify you for the position?
// What’s your current lifestyle? Where do you live, do you travel a lot, work part-time, work full-time, student, etc.?

SIDE NOTE: creative, out-of-the-box applications are heartily welcomed!


DEADLINE : 14th June 2016

Send all your info to : 

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