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Best Portuguese Travel Instagram

July 20, 2020

The 16 Portuguese Travel Instagram accounts you should be following

We all know the feeling – scrolling through a travel Instagram account just green with envy and blue with wanderlust. Nothing beats that feeling of immersing yourself in stunning travel pics, so we’ve decided to bring you a list with the BEST up and coming Portuguese travel Instagram accounts that you need to follow right now!

Portugal has been known for overseas adventures and conquers throughout the centuries and even though nowadays we are no longer known for much besides Ronaldo, we have kept that adventurous and curious spirit that has stuck with our small nation for centuries.

There are thousands of Portuguese sharing their adventures and trips on Instagram so curating a list with the 16 Best Portuguese Travel accounts ( in our opinion) is something that took some time and consideration.

During the past 4 years we have mostly traveled outside of Portugal and spent a lot of time abroad but we have been following some incredible travel photographers, bloggers and Instagrammers from our homecountry.

The list is in alphabetic order since we would be unable to pick one that we like the most since they all have different styles and bring different value to the Portuguese Instagram Travel scene.

1. 55Secrets

55Secrets started in 2014 from the idea of creating local Guides and sharing the best hidden gems in every new location. We have been sharing our adventures around the world with a passion for tropical destinations and high end holidays.

If you have been following the journey you know we love Thailand and we are always ready to spend our days trying all the delicious food in any destination we visit.

Check our adventures around the world at 55Secrets

Check our Instagram @55Secrets

2. Boleias Da Marta

Marta has been hitchhiking around the world and sharing her incredible experiences on Instagram. With a contagious smile and a free spirit she has a unique style and few months ago she went on a wild adventure from Portugal to Guinea Bissau on a bicycle.

Check her Instagram @Boleiasdamarta

3. Bernardo Conde

Bernardo is a great photographer with a passion for traveling. He has been sharing his adventures by being a tour leader to destinations such as Iceland, Mongolia and Madagascar.

Check his Instagram @bernardonconde

4. Do Berço to the World

Neto and Lili quit their jobs, sold everything and left Portugal in 2018 to discover the world. During the last years they have been sharing their incredible adventures in a honest, real and blunt style that we love.

Their sense of humour is incedible and every photo and Instagram story is an experience. They make sure to share the reality of they adventures and they have just completed a 2000km bicyle trip around Portugal and shared the best hidden gems of our country.

Check his Instagram @Dobercototheworld

5. Filipe Cardoso

Filipe was born and raised in Lisbon and he quit his 9 to 5 job to go explore! Ever since he has been creating incredible photos and videos from his adventures. Aiming to create impactful and inspiring content he has a really unique and solid style that we truly love.

Check his Instagram @byfilipecardoso

6. Explorerssaurus

Raquel and Miguel are the couple behind Explorerssaurus and their photo creativity is out of this world. They started their travel adventures and meeting in different cities around the world when Raquel was studying abroad and in early 2019 they bought a one way ticket to India and have not stopped traveling ever since.

Check their Instagram @explorerssaurus_

7. Luis Octávio Costa

Luis is a journalist for one of the best national newspapers for over 20 years and travels, photographs and writes for a living. We love the way he captures the places and people he meets along the way and how there’s such a deep and meaningful story on his Instagram posts.

Check his Instagram @Kitako

8. Manel Travels

Manuel is from Lisbon but he is passionate about adventure. He is our youngest pick from the list but by his photographic skills, you wouldn’t think so. We love the tones and most of all the vibes from his drone shots.

Check his Instagram @manel_travels

9. Mochileiros VC

Carolina and Pedro are the couple behind Mochileiros VC. They are by far the most notorious VanLife Couple in Portugal and they quit their regular jobs to go travel Europe for 6 months with their beautiful Van Pingu.

With a real and honest style they often share their adventures on the road and are a true inspiration to any van lifer or adventure seeker.

If you never thought about getting a van and explore the world on it, you will probably change your mind after you check them on Instagram

Check their Instagram @Mochileiros_vc

10. Moody Antonio

Just like the name states, António is all about the Moody vibes and every capture is a trip to the unknown. With a focus on landscape and nature his captures are the perfect screensaver for any nature lover.

Check his Instagram @Moody.antonio

11. Patricia and Miguel

Patricia and Miguel are one of our favorite Portuguese Travel couples and have a deep sense of sustainability and are constantly sharing awareness and trying to create a more conscious and mindful world through their photos and videos. Their content is unique and always with a sense of peace and wanderlust in it.

Check their Instagram @Patriciandmiguel

12. TravelB4Settle

Matilde and Miguel are two Portuguese travelers and remote work advocates. They have been sharing their adventures around the world and keeping it real on Instagram while sharing great knowledge about remote work and the possibilities or working on the move.

Check their Instagram @Travelb4settle

13. The Portuguese Fox

Marina is passionate about tropical beaches and spicy food. She has been sharing her adventures around the world with some incredible drone shots and beautiful swimming pools that seem taken from a dream.

Check her Instagram @Theportuguesefox

14. Two Pinacoladas to Go

Rita and Pedro are also one of our favorite travel couples with a great sense of aesthetics and an obvious passion for Pinacoladas
Their content is always fresh and colourful and will make you want to pack and travel as soon as possible.

Check their Instagram @twopinacoladastogo

15. Viajar Entre Viagens

Carla and Rui have been exploring the world together for over 13 years.

Together they have visited almost 100 countries and are always looking for new adventures. Their Instagram is an inspiration and besides the lovely adventure photos they have an amazing blog with lots of interesting and unique experiences around the world.

Check their Instagram @viajar_entre_viagens

16. Zepev

Zé Vilas Boas is the last member of our list and we love his style. The way he captures every spot brings the sense of adventure and thrill to the photos he shares on Instagram.

Check his Instagram @Zepev

As you can see the travel segment in Portugal has been growing and has many strong and empowering accounts with different styles that represent a lot of the travel segments and keep inspiring millions around the world to travel and share their adventures.

Obviusly this are not the only Portuguese Travel Instagram accounts to keep an eye but are the 16 with the highest impact on our travel adventures and the ones that we love the most.

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