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Best Swimwear Brands for 2018

August 13, 2018

New swimsuit, new me? Ohh yeah! Nobody needs to tell you that finding your dream swimsuit can be tough!  There are hundreds of bikini photos taking over our feeds now that the weather has warmed up. Summer holidays, surfing camps, beach parties… let’s face it, summer 2018 is going to be all about the sun, bikinis, and tan lines! So, let’s make it right.

Swimwear has changed a lot throughout the years, and nowadays there are a lot of options for everyone, making this task easier for some and harder for others each passing summer. The perfect bikini needs to be:  functional, hold everything in the right place, hide little crevices, and create a beautiful silhouette. Designing swimwear with such characteristics is an art itself but some brands have this as an expertise of them and are the best at what they do.

So regardless you’re hitting the waves with your surfboard or having a cocktail by the pool, here is our personal selection of the best swimwear brands for 2018 that will have you covered this summer!


Based in the Philippines, founded in 2017 this brand-new bikini company is growing fast and it’s not difficult to understand why. With tropical islands and beaches as an inspiration, BLACKBOUGH is committed to improve and produce new designs and bring an amazing variety of patterns and colours,  each summer.  The swimsuits are light, very comfortable and surprisingly affordable compared to similar swimwear brands. The materials and styles are beautiful and definitely designed for the tropical soul!


Blackbough Swim:  Site | Facebook | Instagram


Designed for strong and confident women, this Portuguese swimwear brand started as clothes’ store in 2013 but in 2016 Kitess launched its first swimwear collection which was an amazing success. Teeming details every swimsuit is designed to adapt the female silhouette highlighting the frills, laces, rents and open backs. Wearing a Kitess bikini is the cutest and most comfortable thing in the world: the materials are really good, the sizing is perfect, the details are adorable and everything 100% Portuguese. Our Portuguese team had been following Kitess progress since the start and they are by far our favorite national Swimwear Brand!

Kitess: Site | Facebook | Instagram


Saha Swimwear

In the heart of Colombia, was born a contemporary swim and resort wear brand named Saha. Synonym of balance, Saha, was created for feminine and natural women who value design and reflect a unique style. Fresh, active and young all the pieces are versatile, very functional, and have a really good fitting. Chasing the sun living by the sea, this brand empathizes the silhouette by holding everything in place that provides an amazing look even at the beach.

Sahah : Site | Facebook | Instagram


Midori Bikinis

Inspired by the ALOHA of Hawaii and designed to instill confidence in women around the world Midori bikinis is committed to focusing on the natural beauty of women boosting their confidence with the motto “Less is more”.  After wearing a Midori bikini this is exactly how you feel: confident, with every curve you got. The materials are comfortable, resistant and the fitting is amazing.

Midori Bikinis: Site | Facebook | Instagram


Solid & Striped

This well known and well establish swimwear brand needs no introduction. Based in NYC, made from the finest globally sourced fabrics and guided by a desire for everlasting holidays and a classic style, Solid & Striped offer us high-quality products for our sunbathing and relaxing moments. The materials are very light, fresh but at the same time resistant.

Solid & Stripped: Site | Facebook | Instagram


Rye Swim

This Australian Swimwear and resort wear brand offers a variety of colors, patterns and styles. Designed to be mixed and matched, all the bikinis are made from the finest Italian fabrics what makes them so comfortable and resistant. Rye Swim mixes color and fun and brings it to the beach as a bikini with suitable whimsical names.  Young and fresh it’s interesting to see how different combinations go from a pinup to a sailor style.

Rye Swim: Site | Facebook | Instagram



Stanlice is a clothing brand from USA with an amazing, diverse and affordable swimwear line. The swimsuits are comfortable, the fitting is good and the designs are endless and really beautiful. Working with a huge variety of suppliers and launching new products in the store every single week, their aim is to always bring the very latest trends to their customers at incredibly low prices! And they do it!

Stanlice: Site | Facebook | Instagram

Lagoa Swimwear

Lagoa is a California swimwear brand designed for adventurous women who enjoy an active lifestyle full of fun and laughter. Born in Brazil, inspired by the lagoons, the swimsuits are handmade, cute, and really comfortable fitting your body like a second skin.  Sporty and functional they’re also reversible what allows you to have two different looks in just one bikini. Every bikini has a secret pocket embedded into the top to help keep your valuables safe and allow babes to enjoy a worry-free day in the sun! Last but not the least, Lagoa Swimwear is also eco-friendly, donating 10% of their sales to Surfrider Foundation to help protect oceans and beaches. Isn’t this amazing?

Lagoa Swimwear : Site | Facebook | Instagram

With so many incredible swimwear options, the only problem here is to choose which one to go for. In the end, bikinis are like tattoos one is never enough and the more, the merrier. Our suggestion? Pick up a few, so you have a bikini for every mood and occasion. It doesn’t matter what size or body type you are, all you need is a little confidence, a lot of self-love, and the right bikini.

Now is time to hit the beach and get some Insta Stories…

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