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Enjoy a Relaxing Lunch at Fah Tara Cafe

December 26, 2015

After having a superb massage, make your way to Fah Tara Cafe, located right next to Fah Lanna Spa.  With a mix of Western and Thai food, and the relaxing vibe of nature, visiting this cafe is the best way to end your experience at Fah Lanna.

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We first ordered their popular signature drink, and rightfully so.  With a refreshing lemon and lime taste and a hint of mint and lemongrass after taste, it is the perfect drink to help energize your body.

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We decided to share multiple plates, since we all had difficulty deciding on just one plate per person. We first received the Spaghetti Penang, which is exactly how it sounds.  It is spaghetti served with a spicy Penang sauce.  It is a simple dish, yet really well done.  The second dish we received was the shrimp Pad Thai.  This dish consisted of so many flavors it was hard to share.  It was both sweet and tangy at the same time with the perfect amount of a peanut taste on top.  This dish was definitely the best Pad Thai I had had in Chiang Mai and definitely worth an order.

2015-12-11 04.17.06 1-min

Third, we ordered the traditional Khao Soi with chicken.  This dish is specific to the north of Thailand and can be found anywhere.  However, a Khao Soi this good is hard to find.  It consists of a sweet and tangy curry sauce and has both hard and soft noodles.  With a bite of spice at the end of every spoonful, it is sure to invigorate your taste buds. Lastly, we tried the duck leg with mashed potatoes.  The duck was so well done and tender it just fell off the bone.  The orange sauce that was served with it was not over powering and complimented the duck perfectly.  The side of mashed potatoes were creamy and buttery and the perfect side to go with the duck.

2015-12-11 04.18.05 1-min

Of course, no meal is truly finished without dessert.  Although we were stuffed by this point, we ordered two desserts, the first of which was a chocolate shake with vanilla ice cream and a whipped cream topping that was so addicting I could not stop eating it.  We also ate the coconut pudding with mango.  This dessert had a different variety of textures, with its traditional Thai coconut soup-like pudding and cubes of soft mango to go with it.  Filled with only natural sweeteners, it was the perfect amount to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Lastly, we ended with a hot pumpkin latte.  The latte is made from scratch with fresh picked pumpkins that are steamed and mashed, which made it just that much better.

2015-12-11 04.19.53 1-min

After eating a ridiculous amount of food, we were finally too stuffed to eat any more food.  However, every bite was worth it.  Each dish had its own unique taste filled with so many different flavors, it was too good to stop eating.  Fah Tara Cafe is definitely a gem of Chiang Mai.  You can tell every dish is cooked with care and the friendly staff ensures they serve only the best of each dish.  Whether you eat here after your massage at Fah Lanna Spa or you visit just to have lunch, it is definitely a must visit.




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