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Feel Relaxed at the Chic Akyra Manor in Chiang Mai, Thailand

December 16, 2015

Traveling to Chiang Mai, Thailand is the experience of a lifetime.  With its hundreds of beautifully detailed temples, amazing nature just 20 minutes away, and friendly locals, it is impossible not to fall in love with this gem of the north.  The only other way to make your time in Chiang Mai unforgettable, is to stay at the Akya Manor.  This hotel just oozes wth comfort and chicness and makes you feel immediately relaxed.  Right when you walk into the lobby, you are greeted with large tree-like chandeliers and comfortable wicker seats that remind you of a fairy-tale.  With its black decor and its soothing lighting, you immediately know you will enjoy your time at Akyra.


After receiving delicious lychee welcome drinks, we were shown to our room.  As you open the door, the first sight you see is a large circle tub, placed outside, where you can enjoy the view of the beautiful mountain that surrounds the city as you take a nice warm bath.  As you turn the corner, you are then greeted by one of the most comfortable beds with large fantastic pillows.  To compliment the furniture, there is a sound system that plays relaxing music from an iPod and a constant stream of fresh smelling scent throughout the whole room.  With fruit and coffee provided, and a delivery food service to your door, you may never want to leave the room.




If you ever do decided to leave and venture around, make sure to visit their rooftop bar.  They have an amazing array of drinks, a beautiful view of the mountain to enjoy, and a see-through swimming pool that just begs you to use it.  As well as the bar, Akya Manor also has their own restaurant, which serves both Italian and Thai food, with a master chef who has appeared on TV!  For breakfast, they have a buffet with bread, jam, and juice, as well as a menu where you can order one of the best breakfast items you can have in Chiang Mai.  On top of this, they include a free tray of pastries, fruit, and cheese that you can enjoy while waiting for your food to arrive.  Akyra serves every type of food you could imagine, whether it is pancakes or steak, and you can bet it will be delicious. 






Staying at the Akya Manor has everything and more you could ask for in a hotel.  With an amazing staff that loves to have friendly conversations with you, chic rooms that make you feel immediately relaxed, and a delicious restaurant from a master chef, this is definitely the place to stay while in Chiang Mai.  Staying at Akyra Manor is worth every penny and will guarantee an incredible stay in Chiang Mai.

Akira Manor Chiang Mai Hotel
22/2 Nimmana Haemina Road Soi 9, Suthep, Muang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai, 50200, Thailand
Reservation Number: +662 514 8112
Reservation E-mail: rm.akmc@theakyra.com

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