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Stay cool with Clima Cap

November 16, 2017

Imagine yourself in one of those really warm days, when cold water is not enough and ice creams don’t cool you down anymore. Imagine yourself in one of those hot days in Southeast Asia, where the high temperatures make any sport or activity really hard to achieve. Well if you’re an adventurer person like us and you can’t stop moving, we found the solution, it’s called  Clima Cap.

No, this is not a fancy name for a common cap! The cooling cap from RibbedTee is a pioneer, a thermoelectric cooling sport cap that will help you stay cool at your favorite outdoor sport or activity. No matter if you are going for a walk, a run or a marathon this cap will make your path much easier and pleasant. Even if you’re not an active person you can always fight high temperatures by simply chilling in your own garden with this beautiful cap.

You just need to charge your cap 1 hour before using it. With 3 cooling settings, ClimaCap applies direct cooling to your forehead what makes you feel cool and comfortable, even in the hottest situations.

Super light and discrete, this cap has a unisex design available in blue and Beige and can be adjusted to any head size.

Do you want to explore this beautiful world at your best? Stay cool with Clima Cap






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