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Wroclaw Weekend : Things to do Wroclaw Poland

March 24, 2019

Wroclaw Weekend Day Trips 2021

The city of Wrocław in western Poland is somewhat of a paradox; it’s one of Poland’s largest tourist destinations and yet most people don’t know much about it.

You may be wondering, what is there to see in Wroclaw? It turns out this Polish city is home to plenty of sights and things to keep you occupied during your visit. We planned the perfect Wroclaw Weekend plan so you can have a truly memorable adventure experience.


During our trip to Wroclaw we stayed at The Granary Suite Hotel.  This 5-star boutique hotel is housed in a 16th-century granary in central Wrocław.

The hotel is located just 500 m from Wrocław’s Main Market Square. Wrocław Główny Railway Station is only one km away making it the perfect spot to explore the town. If you want to find the best accomodation in town use the following search box:


Bellow you can find a selection of the places our friend Marek recommended us and showed us during our trip to the city.

wroclaw weekend _ wroclaw day trips and Free Travel Guide 2021


1.  Feel the atmosphere of the oldest restaurant in Europe. 730 years old!

Piwnica Świdnicka – Rynek Ratusz  1, 50-106 Wrocław  MAP / FB / LINK

In the basement of Wroclaw’s City Hall is located Piwnica Świdnicka (Swidnicka Cellar). One of the oldest restaurants in Europe. It was opened in 1273 A.D. and was repeatedly extended over time. Its final image was obtained in the fifteenth century, and is the only brew pub in the city which for hundreds of years kept the original interior.

The name of the place is based on the beer served here and it is originally from the town of Świdnica. This unique pub/restaurant is right in the heart of the city so it is very easy to reach it from nearby hotels or other city attractions. Piwnica Świdnicka is very popular not only among Polish people but mainly foreigners.

The restaurant’s menu is highly varied, which ensures satisfaction of guests with different preferences and tastes. The menu includes vegetarian dishes, traditional Polish dishes and a variety of traditional Polish dishes with international cuisine’s influence. Without a doubt it is worth trying Polish traditional dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms, the old Polish bigos – traditional dish of sauerkraut, mushrooms and sausage served in rustic bread. As dessert try a very tempting cheesecake with chocolate sauce and vanilla.

Such a delicious evening will remain in your memory for a long time.

The restaurant is famous not only for its food but also for the organization of variety of concerts – from classical music, through jazz concerts, cabaret and recitals. In the basement of the restaurant they also organize discos with the participation of popular DJs. The place is recommended for anyone visiting Wrocław, as the proverb says: “Who has not been in the Piwnica Świdnicka, has not been in Wrocław.”


2. Move yourself to the times of the Polish People’s Republic

Bar Setka – Kazimierza Wielkiego 50 MAP  / FB / LINK

The Setka Bar is built in the scenery and atmosphere of the old Polish communism and it is recommended for anyone who wants to feel this special period of Polish history.

Setka Bar is a combination of simplicity, tradition and the highest quality of catering on the culinary trail of Wrocław. ‘People’s Republic of Poland’ is the name of Poland for the period between 1945 and 1989. At the time, the power belonged to the so called  “working people of towns and villages”.

Setka Bar is the perfect place to experience Polish cuisine. Dishes that cannot be found in any other country. Easy and fast cuisine, as well as a budget prices make it one of the most frequently visited places, not only by tourists but also by the locals of Wrocław. The location of the Setka Bar helps to create its unique atmosphere. If you are looking for a romantic place for a dinner Setka Bar is not the best option. This place is always occupied and crowded – a typical atmosphere of Polish feasts in times of communism.

It’s helpful to go to the Setka Bar with Polish friends as if you’re foreign, the menu might not be fully understandable as it is full of typical Polish expressions.

Among the dishes worthy of tasting, is pyry with gzik (potato and traditional Polish style cottage cheese), beef steak tartare or as the Setka Bar advertising slogan says – the best pork ribs in the town. Welcome back to the days of communism.

3. Enjoy the taste of traditional Polish cuisine

Kurna Chata – Odrzańska 17, 50-113 Wrocław MAP / FB / LINK

Kurna Chata is a place where you feel the unique atmosphere from the very first moment of entering the restaurant. In the blink of an eye you will be able to move to the old Polish village hut. If you want to taste traditional Polish cuisine you’ve come to the perfect place. In Kurna Chata you will taste both regional beers and wines, and a real old Polish mead. A great place for a tasty and inexpensive food.

It is worth trying the delicious traditional stew, potato pancakes or the world-famous Polish pierogi (kind of dumplings with variety of stuffing).

It is also a paradise for soup lovers, as in general, Poles undoubtedly are great fans. The restaurant dishes are served in small pots and  saucepans, which further make it feel like a rural cabin.

It is an ideal place to recommend to any traveler from abroad, due to traditional Polish cuisine and a sense of its climate. A wide selection of dishes ensures validity of another Polish proverb: The way to the heart is through the stomach.

Polish food wroclaw weekend _ wroclaw day trips and Free Travel Guide 2021


4. Eat, Drink, and Eat again on your way home

Przedwojenna – Świętego Mikołaja 81 MAP / FB

Przedwojenna, also known as a 4 złoty bar. The rule of the bar is very simple: you have to go inside, eat, drink and leave to make a place for the other guests. This spot is very popular, mainly due to its prices. The pricing system is very easy and clear and you will find only 2 prices in the menu – 4zł or 8zł because the prices are always the same. 4 złoty for all kinds of drinks and 8 złoty for food. This place was created with the idea to drink and eat quickly to start an amazing evening in Wrocław. For this reason the bar has only a few tables, but actually it makes the atmosphere very unique. A lot of people inside are talking and laughing. Nowdays, it is really difficult to get a table in Przedwojenna, as nobody leaves it quickly or right after the drink or food. Everyone wants to stay longer as the atmosphere is really  cool. Przedwojenna is very popular, both among Polish people as well as foreigners. It started as a favourite spot for Wroclaw’s inhabitants but in recent years also foreigners began to appreciate its charm and unique style, not to mention its prices.

Przedwojenna is the perfect bar to start a crazy night in Wrocław. Cheap drinks will put everyone in a champagne mood. The bar serves simple and delicious dinner with lots of cheap alcohol, and at the end of the party-night Przedwojenna always wins with the “night hunger”. This place is always waiting for you. In the bar you will hear only Polish songs from the pre-war period. What’s very important Przedwojenna is open 24 hours, so you never will be late or have the door closed in front of your nose. Apparently it is one of the most iconic places in Wrocław. An absolute must on your Wroclaw’s hot spots lists.

5. Ditch your phones for good old Board Games

Padbar – Kazimierza Wielkiego 1 MAPFB

Padbar – the bar name comes from the TV game controller. The most important idea of this place is to meet with friends in a very relaxed atmosphere. The bar has only one rule: Give the falls on. According to it, this is the recomendation for guests to join the competition and take a part in the games.

The interior decor perfectly reflects the atmospehere of this place. Marilyn Monroe or Albert Einstein will keep an eye on you and look after you once you have fun, either with your friends or with strangers. Everyone is encouraged to sit back and be carried away by the charms of board games.

Certainly, this bar is an extraordinary place and will be hard to find a similar one with such an impressive collection of games. The collection is continuously growing so you have a big selection to choose from. All games are available for everyone and are completely free to play.

It is worth noting that board games are becoming more and more popular in our virtual world. This place encourages you to turn off your phone and spend time with friends while having a lot of fun. In Padbar the owners organize special events such as the FIFA tournament. For sure you will never get bored in this place.

In the menu, you will find a lot of drinks, named after famous computer games, such as Pokemon and Peach on the Beach. The Padbar cooperates with a pizzeria, so in case the game makes you hungry, you can always order something to eat to keep playing and having fun.

Undoubtedly a very interesting and distinctive place to visit during the evening journey through the Wroclaw’s pubs.

6. Enjoy a unique beer,that can’t be found in any other place in the world

Mini Browar i Restauracja Spiż – Rynek Ratusz 2 MAP / FB / LINK

The Spiż is the first mini-brewery and at the same time restaurant in Poland. It is located right in the center of the Wroclaw’s market square in the historic interiors of Wrocław City Hall. In this beautifully renovated, historic interior of Wroclaw’s City Hall you will find a place which is a blend of a restaurant, brewery, summer beer garden, pub and a gift shop. Without a doubt, it is the place you have to visit before you leave Wroclaw.

Starting in 1992, the beer production takes place in front of guests, so you can see how your beer was made before it ended up in your pokal. The beer’s recipe is top secret, so it will be impossible to find this taste in any other place. Glass walls allow you to track the beer production and brewery equipment in the course of consumption. But not only beer, but also bread with lard, which is on the house for every order of beer. You can try six different flavors of beer, equally well-known and well-liked by guests.

In Spiż you have the opportunity to try the beer, not to be found anywhere else in the world. Even fans of other beverages fall in love with the taste of this unpasteurized beer, brewed with the utmost meticulousness.

A place known all over the country, recommended to anyone who wants to experience unique places and moments.

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7. Dance till Morning

Felicita Pub & Disco – Ruska 47/48a MAP / FB / LINK

Felicita is a club often visited by both Poles and foreigners, in which all play together until dawn. In the Club you’ll meet a few DJs who make every effort to ensure you have a great time and enjoy your night out.

This club is recommended especially for lovers of bachata and Kizomba. DJ Riccardo and DJ Paul, will play for you every Thursday, and you will have the opportunity to improve your dancing skills of these two types of dance. At the weekends you can dance latino, Rock’Roll and R’nB. The Felicita club is also recommended for all football fans. During the week you can enjoy watching football games from a few countries.

In the Club you can enjoy a variety of delicious International cocktails, traditional drinks from Italy, and as a surprise they serve 3 types of Czech beer from the barrel.

Club Felicita is gaining more and more popularity because of the very friendly atmosphere. Here feels like a private party with friends.

8. An unforgettable night in one of the most popular clubs in Poland.

Mundo 71 Music Club – Ruska 51 MAP / FB / LINK

The Club’s slogan says “It’s all about bringing people together”. It is difficult not to agree, because without a doubt it is absolutely true. Club Mundo is one of the busiest places during the weekend madness in Wrocław. You will hear and dance to hip hop, RNB, house, crunk and dance hall. You will have a variety of fine cocktails to choose from, amazing interior design and selected guests will provide unforgettable memories. The Club consists of two large wooden floors, and state-of-the-art lighting and LED walls let you, without a doubt, feel that Wrocław is the perfect place for crazy fun. It is worth noting that the club is very popular among foreigners. Everyone who comes to Mundo knows that this is one of the best clubs. World famous DJs, the most modern music equipment will allow you to feel far away from reality. The music itself encourages you to dance, so if you are looking for a table to sip your drink and listen to a music, Mundo is definitely not the place to go. It is definitely for music hungry party lovers. This club is recommended to everyone who wants to have fun until dawn.



9. Admire the panoramic view of Wrocław.

Archikatedra pw. św. Jana Chrzciciela – Plac Katedralny 18 MAP / FB / LINK

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is the biggest church in Wrocław. The Cathedral was dedicated to St. John the Baptist, who is the saint patron of the city and was designed in the Gothic style. The current shape of the building is the result of a mixture of Baroque additions and contemporary reconstruction after the devastation of the 2nd World War.

The Cathedral has several towers, from where you can admire the beautiful view of Wrocław. The main observation tower is 97 meters high, and the elevator is only open from May to October. This is one of the most unforgettable experiences while exploring the capital of Lower Silesia. Visiting the Cathedral is a must, when exploring Wrocław, also due to the fact that it is located on the Ostrów Tumski – the oldest and historical part of Wrocław.

Ostrów Tumski undoubtedly is one of the most charming places, also due to the fact that, as the only place in Poland every day you meet a true lighter. Every day at dusk, the mystery man wearing the cape and top hat idles around streets of Ostrów Tumski igniting gas lantern-lighting, as in XVII century. They call him Batman, or confuse him with a priest or chimney-sweep, but they most like the nickname magician.


10. Panorama of Wrocław from the roof of the Sky Tower – the biggest residential building in Poland.

Sky Tower  – Powstańców Śląskich 95 MAP / FB / LINK

A beautiful viewpoint is located on the top (49th) floor of the Sky Tower. This building is on the list of the biggest attractions of Wrocław. The original plan was to give all tourists the oportunity to enjoy the view from the open terrace on the top of 212-foot building. Unfortunately, for safety reasons it was not possible.

However, the Sky Tower still remains one of the most distinctive buildings in Poland. It is the highest residential building in the country. In the building you can also find a shopping mall with a lot of shops and places to relax, as well as a fitness club with a top end variety of saunas.

It is very interesting that in the building, takes place a lot of events. In 2014 was organized here the run – conquering of Sky Tower. Runners started on the street level, and ended up on viewpoint. Lovers of such challenges had to overcome 1,142 stairs. The winner of the first edition of the route needed only 6 minutes and 22 seconds to reach the “sky”. If you do not suffer acropfobia you will be deilighted with the view – a panorama of Wrocław and its surroundings beneath you.

11. Romantic place, which shows the true beauty of Wrocław

Mostek Pokutnicki, Kościół Marii Magdaleny  – Szewska 10 MAP / FB / LINK

The Church of St. Mary Magdalene is one of the most magnificent temples. Its present shape owes century reconstruction in Gothic style. The temple has two slender, high towers, which combine the characteristic bridge. Among the residents of the city there started to circulate stories about mysterious noises coming from the towers. There was told about the night groans and sound of brooms sweeping the floor. Mothers began to scare their disobedient daughters, who were not interested in getting married, by telling them about the lingering of the bridge of the girls, who preferred the fun and carefree life instead of duties of wife and housekeeper. It is told that when these girls died, as punishment they will clean up the bridge between the towers of the Church for all eternity.

The bridge offers breathtaking views of the city skyline, from which you can admire the beautiful rooftops and narrow alleys. This is a very romantic place, recommended to any couples.

wroclaw weekend _ wroclaw day trips and Free Travel Guide 2021  View from above


12. Admiration for the Japanese garden art

Wrocławski Ogród Japoński –  Adama Mickiewicza 1, 51-612 Wrocław MAP / FB / LINK

Wrocław Japanese Garden is a very unique place, which was created with love for Japanese garden art. The history of this place dates back over 100 years. Today, it is a piece of living, oriental culture in the middle of Europe. Japanese garden art was born in the VI-VII century. The garden is the effect of the mixture of the Chinese culture and philosophy of Shinto. In this special garden, plants are carefully selected in terms of color, shape, time of flowering, and even symbolic meanings. The garden has a pantheistic reflection on the harmony of the world. In such a place you will definitely relax. Having a combination of vegetation, water cascades, and bridges it is easy to achieve peace of mind.

This garden is a combination of several types of Japanese gardens, and has public water associated with drinking tea ceremonies and a pebble beach. This place is recommended to all lovers of beautiful vegetation. It is ideally suited for a relaxing and calming afternoon. The place will allow you to move to a completely different world.

13. Eye to eye with wild animals        

Zoo Wrocław  – Wróblewskiego 1-5, MAP / FB / LINK

The Zoo in Wrocław was opened in 1865 and it is the oldest Zoo in Poland. The garden area is 33 hectares and 10500 animals live there.

A lot of historic buildings can be found there too. These include Bastion Bear, the Monkey Pavilion and Wooden Gate in the Japanese style.

Wroclaw’s Zoo continuously strives to delight all its visitors. In 2010 a new Madagascar Pavilion was built there, which is a home of flora and fauna from the Madagascan island. Go inside and you will feel the real feel of the Red island and its inhabitants: ruffed lemurs, alaotran gentle lemurs, tomato frogs and tortoises as well as many others.

At this point it is also worth mentioning that Madagascar was to be the first Polish colony, of which Poland waged a dispute against France. Polish delegation was sent to the island in order to determine the details and cost of colonization. However, the final plans were spoiled by the outbreak of World War II and Madagascar became a French colony.

The Zoo offers not only a feeling of exotic places but also native Polish. One of the greatest places is Odrarium. And as the Polish proverb says: you praise the foreign not knowing of yours it is definitely worth to see it. The name Odrarium comes from the second biggest Polish river – Odra. On this exhibition you will see the river and its flora and fauna from the beginning to the estuary.

All in all, the Zoo’s number one is its latest object – Afrykarium. It is a complex of buildings with an aquarium featuring animals and ecosystems of Africa. You can find here various coral reefs, beautiful water tanks with colorful fishes and you can even go through the 20m long water tunnel with sharks swimming around you.

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14. Meeting with Fryderyk Chopin.

Park Południowy  –  Krzyki  MAP / FB / LINK

This Park is one of the biggest and most popular parks in Wrocław. It is located in the district called “Screams”. Southern Park is an important part of the urban landscape, soothing the raw look of urban architecture. This is mainly due to the wealth of vegetation collected over the years. This unique floral theme, can be used to create the botanical trail. The Park is also a habitat for many animals, mostly birds. However, you can also meet chipmunks and hedgehogs. The entire biotic resources creates an unique landscape inviting for relaxation in the fresh air. You can also find additional incentives like an observation deck or playground for children.

Southern Park, in addition to the diverse vegetation, also offers other attractions. There are all sorts of cultural and performance things encouraging you to stay in the park. One of them is a monument of Fryderyk Chopin. It commemorates the visit of the pianist in Wrocław in 1830. The pianist gave an excellence performance while staying in the “Polish House”. Chopin gave variations of a concert on themes suggested by the audience. The idea of placing the monument accompanies the thought of future outdoor concerts. In the further plans, still vaguely defined, there is the idea of construction of an amphitheatre near Southern Park.

15. Fall in love with the Pearl of Wroclaw’s Parks

Park Szczytnicki – Śródmieście , 51-618 MAP / FB / LINK

Szczytnicki Park is one of the biggest parks in Wrocław covering an area of ​​about 100 hectares. It is located on the East of the Old Odra river. The park has a landscape character and great qualities of composition, and dendrochronology (about 400 species of trees and shrubs is planted here). The Park is on the fourth place in terms of the diversity and richness of trees in Europe. It is called the pearl of Wroclaw’s parks.

In the Szczytnicki Park you can also find the Centennial Hall, which was inscribed on the UNESCO list. It was erected as a monument commemorating the centennial anniversary of the Allied victory over Napoleon at Leipzig. The Centennial Hall is one of the most famous buildings in Wrocław. Innovation in concrete and metal and the dome, which is the largest since the construction of the ancient pantheon. A lot of sport events and trade shows, conventions, concerts of world stars and theatrical productions and opera are held here.

A very important place on the tourist map of Wrocław is a fountain, which is also located in this picturesque Szczytnicki Park. The fountain is surrounded by a pergola and adjacent to Centennial Hall. Since 2009, various multimedia shows are shown here. Wroclaw’s fountain is the largest of its kind in Poland and one of the largest in Europe.

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16. Learn the art of Silesia.

Muzeum Narodowe we Wrocławiu  Powstańców Warszawy 5, 50-153 Wrocław MAP / FB / LINK

The National Museum in Wrocław has a collection of paintings and sculpture, with a focus on the art of Silesia.

This is one of the most important Polish museums due to the extremely valuable collections of medieval art, as well as the most interesting in the country a collection of Polish contemporary art. The collection, which together includes nearly 200,000 objects, consists of works of Polish and European painting, sculpture, ceramics, glass, arts and crafts. One of the little – tattle it is so-called “Hall of curiosities”, where is shown, inter alia, the portrait of the moving eyes and the Egyptian mummy. It is also worth mentioning, there can be found works of Italian, French and Dutch artists, as well as Austrian and from the Nordic countries.

In the section of fixed expositions, it is worth to see the “Silesian sculpture stone dated on 12th-15th century”, “Baroque Glass” and “The art of Poland” from 17th-19th century.

The building of the museum is covered by plants which changes its color depending on the season. The building itself is really interesting, located next to the river, so perfect place for a walk.


17. Admire the beauty of the old combined with modern technology.

Panorama Racławicka – Purkyniego 11, 50-155 Wrocław MAP / FB / LINK

Panorama Racławicka is a museum of art in Wrocław and was founded in 1980. The Museum exhibits a panoramic painting of The Battle of Grunwald painted in 1893-1894. The picture painted with oil paints presents the battle of Racławice (1794).

Once you are inside the Rotunda and admire the painting you can truly participate in this performance of the illusion. The painting of the Panorama Racławicka shows the Battle of Racławice. Participants of Insurrection led by Tadeusz Kościuszko defeated the Russians. The image is displayed in a specially built rotunda – museum Panorama Racławice in Wrocław. This monumental painting has a length of 114 meters and has a height of 15 meters. It was established in 1893-1894 in Lviv, on the hundredth anniversary of the Kościuszko Uprising (1794). Technical means used by the author of the Panorama Racławicka, make the image comparable to the modern 3D technology. Special, panoramic perspective, lighting, stage design built onto the canvas give the impression of its multidimensionality.

It is not known whether the designers of the Rotunda – the museum’s building, took into account the proximity of the Odra river, when they created the building. However, somehow the painting inside the building is located a few meters above the ground. It creates a kind of cushion in case of the flooding. It definitely helped during the great flood in 1997.

This place is definitely recommended for all lovers of history as well as for all tourists coming to the city from the whole world to see the creativity of architects and designers to combine the old art with the most modern art of technology.

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18. Pleasant and useful. Spend time with friends at the sports hall

Centrum Sportowe Hasta la Vista – Góralska 5, 53-610 Wrocław MAP / FB / LINK

Hasta la Vista is a modern sports center, which gives you the opportunity to train squash, badminton and table tennis. Tennis-class guarantees the comfort and safety of the game. Hasta la Vista is currently the largest facility for squash in Poland, as well as SPA area, which includes a Finnish sauna, steaming room and jacuzzi.

The vast space provides comfort and allows unlimited possibilities for the organization of sporting events – including the world class. So far, Hasta la Vista hosted the athletes of the World Junior Championships in 2013 and the best players from Poland for the Polish Championships in 2014. This sport center has 15 tennis courts produced by the CourtTech company, certified by the World Squash Federation. Tennis courts produced by this company are distinguished by the highest quality in the world.

One of the special things of the club is the wall system. These walls show no signs of connection. Their surface is perfectly equal. The specialty of the club is also a special media, made of a tempered glass, equipped with a set of cameras and software, which allows the audience, to see the most attractive matches. It also has an option of recording it, playing on it, also via the Internet – on-line. This is very rare equipment, not only in Poland, but in the world. Such a large number of tennis courts in one­ place places Hasta La Vista in first place in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.

This is absolutely a great idea to take your friends and have a lot of fun during doing something good for your body. Definitely must to visit for everyone who loves sport and an active leisure of his free time.

19. Water madness

Wrocławski Park Wodny – Borowska 99, 50-558 Wrocław MAP / FB / LINK

Wroclaw’s Aquapark is located in Borowska 99, next to the Anders Hill. Wroclaw’s Aquapark was opened in 2008. This is one of the best and most popular water parks in Europe. Annually, over 1.5 million visitors use the facilities of the complex. The heart of Aquapark is a complex of leisure pools, equipped with 7 water slides of varying difficulty, hot whirlpool, wave pool, outdoor pools, and an extensive area for children

In this sport complex, there are recreational indoor and outdoor swimming pools, indoor lap pool, a fitness club and sauna available. The Aquapark is open 7 days a week, year-round. Next to the Aquapark, is also a modernly equipped fitness center with a 25-m long sport pool.

Here you’ll find an extensive complex of pools of different depths and temperatures, full of attractions (including slides, a Jacuzzi, a swimming pool with a wave, “lazy river”, a Children Gulf and outdoor swimming pools). There is also a separate children’s area with a paddling pool, a pirate ship and water slide.

The Saunarium is worth a visit, where you can find numerous Finnish saunas, baths and swimming pools to cool the body. The Saunarium includes a variety of saunas, as well as Poland’s largest garden sauna. There are not only two Finnish saunas – Kelo and Bali, but also an outdoor swimming pool and a comfortable relaxation zone.

If you are not a big fan of spending your evening in the pub during drinking the next beer, you should go and visit Aquapark in Wrocław. You are certain to have a lot of fun and your body will be very grateful for the opportunity to relax in warm water.

20. The bike project

Wrocławski Rower Miejski MAP / FB  / LINK    

WRM, or Wrocław City Bike is an alternative means of transport, allowing quick communication throughout the city. It is a great and latest addition to public transport in Wrocław. Cyclists have at their disposal 76 stations and 760 bicycles. Wroclaw City Bike started June 8th, 2011, as the first professional system of self-service rental bikes. A pilot project with 17 stations and a fleet of 140 bicycles was quickly extended by sponsorship stations – fourteen created in 2012 and four in 2013 all together the total of 18 stations and 60 bikes. Due to the change of the contract with the city Nextbike system launched in April 2014 – 33 stations and 200 bicycles.

In 2015 the rental network was launched in the new formula (the main advantage is a new security system bicycle or electric lock) and extended  to 74 stations and 740 bicycles.

Cycling is a great way to explore and discover some secret places during your trip. In Wrocław you have the opportunity to rent a bike for free and explore the least popular spots in our city. A great idea is to take a bike and visit the city following the gnomes. You can find them in a lot of places. A big help to find them are maps that are devoted to these small residents of the city, and you can get these maps at each information point. Any visitor in Wrocław must have a picture with a gnome – our smallest and the most lovely friends.

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21. The beautiful hall merchant

Hala Targowa – Piaskowa 17, 50-140 Wrocław  MAP / FB / LINK

This Market Hall is located in a historic building, which appeared on the map of Wrocław in 1908. There you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, sweets as well as bakery products. In the Market Hall you can also find clothing stores, bags, cosmetics, fabrics and florists.

The Market Hall offers its visitors and buyers hundreds of stands, colors and fresh products. Chat with the sellers and wonder at the architectural treasures inside. Now, in addition to local customers, the market has become more and more popular with foreign visitors, largely for the quality, freshness and selection of products.

Life in the market hall begins before dawn. Fresh meat and flowers arrive sometimes even at 3am. Warehouses are located in the basement, where you can start a special trip there if you are interested in butchery. There is a special room which serves only to those who trade in meat and cold cuts. This is where the butchers undressing eg. imported pork bellies. They share fresh shoulders, loins, and cut out the meat on the ham. All of this goes directly to the client in the booth – fresh and best meat. It’s true the meat here is always fresh and the queue is not big.

The building was not seriously damaged by the war in 1945 and almost immediately after the war it was used as intended. It underwent a major overhaul in the years 1980-1983 and serves as the largest trade fair sites throughout the city.

This place is recommended to everyone who is a fan of healthy food but also for all tourists to visit this beautiful, historic building.


22. Mini climbing

Rezerwat przyrody “Góra Ślęża”   – 55-040 Ślęża    MAP / FB / LINK

Ślęża Mountain is the highest mountain massif in the whole Sudeten Foreland, with the height of 717.5m above the ground. Despite relatively low altitude, the massif has an impressive appearance due to a significant height relative (over 500 m). Ślęża can be added to  the Sudetenland Polish Crown. The nearest town of this mountain is Sobótka.

Due to the proximity of Wrocław – only 30 km – you can observe here a seasonal tourism. Massif and its surroundings are covered with a fairly dense network of hiking trails. There are two paths archaeological marked Ślęza bear and mountain bike trails.

Nowadays, Ślęża is a place massively visited throughout the year, acting as the perfect vantage point to the Sudeten, especially the Owl Mountains, and the Silesian Lowland with the nearby Lake Mietkowski and somewhat distant Wrocław.

In the structures located at the top are:

  • Church of the Visitation of 1852,
  • Roman Zmorskiego built in 1908 (now the Tourist House,
  • Radio and Television Broadcasting Centre Ślęża, built in 1958 with a mast transmitting antenna 1972 with a height of 136 meters
  • Millennium Cross  – granite stone, erected in 2000
  • 12-meters high reinforced concrete tower built shortly before World War II for the purposes of cartography. Today, standing at the edge of the peak rocks Zbójnicke serves as a vantage point, but before the war there was no need – the tourists stepped on the balcony around the church tower.

It’s a lovely visit to a beautiful, natural spot. After a crazy time in a big city it is nice to be alone with the nature and enjoy breathtaking views.

23. One of the biggest castles in Poland.

Zamek Książ – Piastów Śląskich 1, 58-306 Wałbrzych   MAP / FB / LINK

Książ Castle is definitely one of the biggest castles in Europe. It holds 3rd place in Poland, in terms of size. It is usually compared to the Malbork Castle and Wawel Royal Castle, but is significantly smaller. The history of Książ Castle is very interesting and colorful. The castle was built in 1288-1292.

Often passed from hand to hand, it used to belong to different countries, and was destroyed during numerous wars that were turned here. In fact, little is known about the origins of today’s castle. Built on a steep rocky promontory at an altitude of 395 m above sea level and surrounded by deep wooded Basin. It was formerly called the “Pearl of Silesia” as well as “a fairy tale castle.” The castle is located within the Książ Landscape Park. The building itself is characterized by different styles of architecture and has over 400 rooms.

Magnificent Książ Castle belongs to one of the most important tourist attractions of Lower Silesia. There is a legend connected with the origins of the Książ Castle – it says – in the fortified headquarters erected here was the Imperial of the Knight Funkenstein. Yet, as a young squire, he accidentally found a bag of coal in the forest. He gave it to his Lord, who was so overwhelmed with the gift, that he promoted the boy and named him the One who brings sparking stones. According to legend, this event took place in the year 933.

Without a doubt it is worth visiting here for one day to witness the extraordinary power and immense wealth of the ancient inhabitants of these lands. Being at the castle allows you to move to be transported back in time, to an era flowing with legends and mysteries that are waiting to be discovered.

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24. Ahoy, adventure !!!

Wyspa Przygody – Opatowicka – Braci Gierymskich 153, 51-636  MAP / FBLINK

The one and only rope park in Wrocław is located on the picturesque Island Opatowicka. All attractions are built and integrated into the natural landscape of the island. The rope park called “Monkey grove” offers 7 different routes ranging from 3 to 17 meters, which is close to 110 different and interesting obstacles. Thanks to specially constructed platforms, ropes and tyrolkas, guests can overcome over 1000 meters. To finish the fastest route you need two hours, but most visitors do not take this as a race, but rather enjoy the adventure. It is all about positive adrenaline, fun and an alternative way to spend your free time near the Odra river and natural greenery. Two new zones are going to be opened very soon, available for groups. It is well arranged, with original spaces for fun and a lot of new possibilities to organize free time for children.

Opatowicka Island is located between the Odra river and Opatowicki­­­ Channel. Before the war, the island was a place of rest and recreation for the inhabitants of Wrocław. An amphitheater was also built here and passenger ships and cruises came along. After the war, the island has not been developed any further. The area is partly wooded, partly meadowed.

If you’re looking for a real adventure and to overcome some fears, this is definitely a great idea to spend a wonderful time with the whole family, feeling free up in the air.

25. Admiring the city from the perspective of the river

Name:  Wypożyczalnia sprzętu wodnego MAP / FB / LINK

Welcome to the newly opened water equipment rental on Port Zwierzyniecki. If you want to spend your free time in an original way and at the same time want to see the city from  another perspective, this is the place for you. The place is open from April until October.

Renting a canoe or boat at Port Zwierzyniecka is an unforgettable experience and beautiful photos are guaranteed. There is a variety of possibilities to choose from. From kayaks for 1, 2 or 3 people,  pedal boats, but also  small boats with the standard engine on the tiller and the boat lux column steerer.

You can reach the place either walking, by train or bus. It is a perfect place for a lazy day, just go to the marina which is located next to the Zwierzyniecki bridge, sit under an umbrella sipping your cocktail. You will have an amazing view of the river and animals all around you, as the Zoo is just around the corner. There is also a city beach, playground, volleyball and badminton court. Lots of activities for everyone.

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