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A festival like a holiday – SummerWell festival

August 24, 2016

We got very excited when Orange accepted our request to go to Summerwell. Summerwell is one of the most famous music festivals in Romania happening in Bucharest for a couple of years already. This year was its 6th edition and happened between 13-14th of August. The fest is happening on Buftea domain, at 15 km from Bucharest. Buftea is one of the most beautiful locations around Bucharest  that has over 25 hectares landscape land taken care of the ex noble families that have lived there for more than two centuries : Știrbei and Bibescu. The land was taken care of and modernized by its recent owners, Bucharest Arena. Something else to be mentioned is the fact that around Bucharest are quite a few area that are worth to be seen such as the in city delta, Delta Văcărești or Mogoșoaia Palace.

Together with friends, we decided to head over there and start taking advantage of the amazing weather and sun that was in Bucharest this weekend, as well as of all the entertainment activities available on site.

Something to be noticed and know about festivals in Romania and this one especially is the fact that there are a lot of very well dressed, some call them hipsters, and it makes you eyes enjoy a lot of color, styles and creative garments.

Here are the reasons why we loved the event:

  • Transportation

After recently visiting another festival in Romania where the transportation situation was disastrous, for this festival we were very nicely surprised to see that the busses were fast, people were civilized and we didn’t travel like sardines. Big thumbs up for this!

  1. Weather


We know the weather wasn’t something that the organisers had anything to do with, but it felt really good to have a sunny warm august weather. Absolutely loved it!

  1. Lineup

The line-up was amazing and we loved every single concert. The music was great, the artists gave their all, sound was perfect and the crowd was entertained and supportive towards the performance that was happening in front of their eyes. I haven’t seen such a great crowd in a very long time and I was very happy to see that people here are civilized and represented Romania very well.


  1. Food and drinks

Even if in my opinion the food wasn’t the cheapest, I believe it had relatively good prices ( and at least the burgers that we tried, were pretty amazing and the cooks smiley and always making jokes despite the long queues). Moreover, there was a variety of food and drinks had a decent price too for a festival in Romania. I left very pleased with the experience.

  1. Entertainment ,,centers’’


If you haven’t been there, you should know that there were loads of things to do all the time, from taking pictures powered by Pepsi, free rides by Uber, movies lounge by Orange or painting areas and playgrounds for kids, the event had them all. You just had to take your friends, good mood and head over there and enjoy it.

Last but not least, the only comment I would have to make is the fact that the event is explained very well by its motto: ,, A festival like a holiday’’ aka a very short festival. Despite its shortness ( 2 days & 2 nights) I loved every piece of it. Big congrats to the organisers!




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