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Amazing Kitesurf Spot & ecotourist lovers

April 8, 2017

Barra Grande Piaui Brazil: The fishing village is authentic, there is a real local life, the beach is huge and quiet, local people are very nice…
And of course, the wind is also very steady and consistent.

Barra Grande is a remote idyllic place far from urban jungle and noise.
Kite or kitesurfing, is now the most popular sport in the city, several inns are ready to receive the sailors from around the world.

Kitesurfing conditions are great : at low tide, the spot is super flat and offers standing-depth water on a long distance.
The water gets really shallow near the shore though, so watch your ankles when jumping… Anyway, conditions are awesome for everyone, beginners included.
At high tide, the spot turns into a huge bump and jump area. There are also lots of downwind opportunities and lagoons in the region

Barra Grande Piaui Brazil is today the most popular beach for those seeking tranquility in a paradise not yet discovered by mass tourism.
It is also the target of visits of those who enjoy adventure sports, due to its huge ecotourism potential.

The Barra Grande Beach Club is home of two friends, Djan & Karl, enjoying Brazil’s climate, people and wind conditions for kitesurfing.
Inspired from the local architecture & natural building materials, they welcome you to step into their home for an international exchange.
Be prepared at sunset, when they will create an atmosphere so you can enjoy this moment like no where in town.

Located only a couple steps away from the beach, Barra Grande Beach Club offers a comfortable and affordable accommodation for those looking fora genuine kitesurfing experience.
Or those simply seeking the tranquility that Barra Grande has to offer.

The pousada offers a practical infrastructure which will make your kite trip pleasant and easy to organise (kite storage, kite cleaning & drying area).
For anyone who wishes to learn to kite, our kite school composed of an international team of instructors, who will gladly assist you in doing your first steps into the water.

Barra Grande Beach Club can also help you organise your daily activities during your stay in Piaui, Brazil.

If it’s for a stop-over, a week-end or longer, the Beach Club with guaranty you a pleasant and delightful stay in Barra Grande.




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