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The 25 BEST Things to do in Belgrade

May 13, 2019

Our 25 Favorite Things to do in Belgrade

Belgrade City Break 2021

Belgrade is a city full of surprises. To make the most of it, here is a list of the 25 best things to do in Belgrade in 2021. Our team tagged along with some locals from Belgrade during our trip and we got to explore the best local spots in Belgrade.

We compiled the best things to do in Belgrade so you don’t need to do the research and can spend your holidays exploring the hidden gems of this beautiful city. So that nothing slips by you, here is a list of 25 incredible things to do in Belgrade. Read through it carefully and feel free to share it with any and everyone – caring is sharing, after all.

 belgrade Bohemian Quarter things to do in Belgrade Serbia travel guide


During our trip to Belgrade we stayed at the Saint Ten Hotel. Set in the Vračar District of Belgrade, about 300 m from the Temple of St. Sava, the luxurious  Hotel is housed in a cultural heritage building and offers an on-site restaurant, sauna and a fitness.  The rooms are extremely comfortable and combine a traditional chic and modern design with wooden floors, handmade unique furniture, and bathrooms built in natural stone. Being such a central place it was the perfect spot for us to explore the city and visit all the local sights.


  1. Enjoy the traditional Serbian cuisine

Address: Daco – Patrisa Lumumbe 49, MAP / FB  

Daco is more tavern than a restaurant, because it is relaxed and opened for any conversations and emotions. that. It is a very famous pub, located on Karaburma, that serves Serbian national cuisine. The prices are a little bit higher than normal, but the kitchen is great and really big, you should not eat two days before to deal with the portion. Enjoy great food such as ham, lamb in milk, corn bread, beans, cabbage and chicken which are common for Serbian villages. Cream pies and baklava are perfect for dessert and various choices of wines will complete your meal and make your evening even better. Kafana Daco promises incredibly good time and tasteful meals. It is a perfect place to hang out with your friends, you will have a memorable time at this exiting place. You will have feeling like you are in the countryside.

  1. Try “tufakia” in a popular Serbian kafana

Address: Sesir Moj – Skadarska 21, MAP / FB / LINK

Going to Belgrad and not visiting a typical pub is like getting to Rome and not seeing the pope. Undoubtedly a good choice for a “Serbian” party is Sesir Moj. It is one of the most popular art venues in Belgrade – the scenic Skardarska Street or as it is known, the Skadarlija. Here the host touches all your senses. They offer genuine traditional Serbian cuisine. The artistic atmosphere of the Scadarlian day continues with the fall of the night, but already supported by the Gypsy songs of the musicians and artists who have been disguised as aristocrats since 1920s and who have been telling funny retro anecdotes among the hits. After the abundant bite of bellows, gorges, goblins and all kinds of grilled meat, the mandatory dessert is “Tufakia”. The roasted apple, filled with walnuts and honey and covered with an immensely delicious whip cream, is the perfect finish of the evening.

  1. Dinner like a star

Address: Red Star– Ljutice Bogdana 1a, MAP / FB / LINK

Red Star club is actually the restaurant next to the club’s rowing base. It’s located on Ada Cigania and it is the nicest place in Belgrade. The kitchen is really good, the waiters are polite and friendly, always serving with a smile. The staff can give you a lot of advice on the house rakija with ice and the traditional salad. Prices are good. It’s a perfect place for dinner with loved one, friends, business partners, family and just enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. The chefs are specialized in the preparation of national and international dishes, and their inspiration are properly expressed by a combination of starters, dishes and good wine.  What makes it unique is the authentic garden in the city with VIP lounge overlooking the stadium, where you can feel the historical time travel and presence of the sports and other celebrities. You can enjoy unique morning coffee experience, afternoon lunch or pleasant evening hours with friends. It is also perfect for a Bachler party for the fans of Red Star – the place will surprise you with something unique and special.

  1. Try seafood and fresh fish dishes, while enjoying river view

Address: Stara Koliba – Ušće bb, 11070, MAP / FB / LINK

Stara Koliba is floating restaurant made of wood and reeds is situated in the most beautiful spot in town, almost on the river mouth itself. Situated on a raft, Stara Koliba is known for traditional Serbian food with modern twist, prepared in the kitchen. The restaurant offers a great view of the rivers and Belgrade’s Old Town. There is charm in sitting at the bar surrounding the cooking area, as you can watch the cooks prepare meat and fish dishes. The menu is nautical-based, specializing in both seafood and freshwater fish dishes. You should necessary salmon with shrimp and green olive sauce, and enjoy in the live music of a traditional tambura orchestra.

  1. Feel the Serbian spirit, while eating national specials

Address: Kovac – Bulevar Oslobodenja 221, MAP / FB / LINK

The Kovac restaurant successfully linked tradition with needs of a modern man. Opened in 1932, Kovac is a restaurant with a long history, until today it kept the spirit of Serbia as it was at the beginning of the 20th century. This traditional Serbian kafana combines rustic design with modern décor to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Kovac restaurant is pleasant and simple ambience of ethnos style that gives the feeling of warmth and home atmosphere. In hot summer days, you can also eat al fresco in the lovely garden under the shades of the trees. Also, it offers wireless internet, and the staff speaks English. The food is prepared according to traditional, almost hundred years old recipes of the Serbian cuisine. You should try one of the house specialties, such as Karadordjeva snicla, fried rolled pork stuffed with kajmak, or fillet with kackavalj cheese, fried onions and dried plums in sauce made of white wine, mushrooms, bacon and paprika.

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  1. Experience “besame mucho” night

Address: Basta Bar – Male Stepenice, MAP / FB / LINK

Basta bar is a very romantic place, maybe more suitable for couples than for larger group, with its cure interior and atmosphere. If you enjoy good jazz, this beautiful terrace, with a very unique design and a cool summer breeze, its best for a night out. The nice, multi lingual staff will present and help you with the choice of their tasty cocktails, such as prosecco or mojito and a fine vine list. This jazz bar will charm you with its life performances a fusion of jazz, Serbian folk and “besame mucho” kind of sounds. There are organizing a themed night at the bar, such as Disney night – the events are announced on their Facebook page – be sure to make reservation. and little lights everywhere around you. Reservation is must especially for weekends.

  1. Just grab a drink and enjoy the night

Address: Bar Monks – 71 Knjeginje Zorka, MAP / FB / LINK

Monk’s bar is perfect to simply chill out and enjoy your company. From time to time there is live music. The picture of old times musicians on the walls will give you the sense of being a hippie yourself, or at least wanting to be one. Drinks are cheap and the hot chocolate is so dense you can eat is with a spoon. The bar is located in a very busy street, hidden from the public eye in a small quiet garden full of greenery, happy people and good music. Decorated in a slightly retro style, you can really enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and very pleasant staff. It consists of two floors, and high ground floor and basement.

  1. Walk on the party street

Address: Skadarlija Street   MAP / FB / LINK

It was once known as a home of bohemians, usually artists, journalists, writers and musicians that were going to Skadarlija to enjoy the best drinks and tavern atmosphere, where they could talk about the latest events and politics. It is a short and curved street, remarkable tourist attraction. Today Skadarlija is filled with young people that want to experience the spirit of Belgrade and enjoy Skadarlija’s legendary live old-town bands.  Known for the beautiful promenade, famous traditional Belgrade taverns and restaurants, and as a place where the true history of Belgrade can be felt, Skadarlija is a Belgrade attraction like none other. You can enjoy groups playing Serbian brass or traditional urban music and actors dressed in traditional Serb costumes perform down the street. The street is a car-free zone. You can also find hotels, art galleries, antique and souvenir shops and the Sebilj fountain. The restaurants offer the typical national cuisine, most notably the rostilj (grilled meat) with pivo (beer).  Skadarlija’s cafes, art exhibits and kaldrma (cobblestone) promenade attract up to 20 000 people daily.

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  1. Party all night long

Address: Freestyler – Brodarska, Beograd, MAP / FB  

Freestyler is the best and most popular riverside club of its kind. It has different seating sections, since the club is round in shape. The first and the biggest section, designed for somewhat bigger groups of people, has booths, which allow the guests more space. A bit closer to the centre is a space with high tables and bar tables, and in the centre of the venue is a very large bar where you can enjoy the classical lounge experience. It is better to wave down a passing waiter than attempting to squeeze a way through the masses to the bar, because it’s always very crowded. The music is usually commercial, house, deep house, commercial hip-hop and a variety of other popular and not-at-all risque forms of electronic and dance music. At Freestyler you can meet people of all different age groups and it’s very popular among foreigners who are visiting Serbia. The club opens at midnight, but it’s recommended for guest to go a bit earlier and to have a reservation, because it is a hot spot in Belgrade.

  1. Great fun with good vibes

Address: Hot Mess Club – MAP / FB / LINK

Hot Mess Club is the only river club with a swimming pool. It has a unique luxury interior, giving the impression of a world’s most elite clubs. The music is disco and house and the atmosphere is unique, created by the pleasant staff crew that is always prepared to be of service of its guest.  The club organizes parties regularly with performance of prominent DJs. The guest can enjoy dancing, chill in the pool and forget about their everyday worries at least for a couple of hours. Hot Mess River Club is a synonym for great fun, good vibes and it is the most popular place among foreigners to hang out at night.

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  1. Watch romantic sunset of dramatic thunderstorms and clouds from Kalemegdan walls.

Address: The Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan Park – Kalemegdan, MAP /  LINK

Kalemegdan is a fortress in Belgrade, which in the past was important from a military point of view. Before it was turned into the peaceful green oasis that it is today, it was a battleground where million perish defending their city from invaders. The park gradually started to come into existence after Serbia’s liberation from Ottoman rule: trees were planted, paths were cleared and monuments were build, including the Statue of the Victor (or “Pobednik”) and the Monument of Gratitude to France. It enchants with its shady benches, picturesque fountains, enormous historic architectures and incredible views of the rivers. Kalemegdan is divided into four parts – the Little and the Great Kalemegdan and the Lower and Upper Town.The fortress is situated on a mountain ridge, where the Sava and the Danube rivers merge. It is worth visiting Kalemegdan at sunset to enjoy the beautiful views of the rivers and the city. Have a walk in a beautiful park or relax in one of the cafes, explore the museum or visit the Observatory. Various sporting and cultural events, as well as art events are held there.

  1. Go to Usce tower for a spectacular view of the entire city and surrounding areas.

Address: Usce tower – 25th floor Usce Tower Bilevar Mihaila Pupina 6, MAP / FB / LINK

The Usce tower is one of the most famous landmarks of Belgrade. The original building had 23 stories and was 105 miters tall. The tower was built in the sixties as the Central Committee of the Communist party of Yugoslavia. During the NATO bombing in 1999, the tower was hit several times, but remained standing. During the reconstruction, two additional floors were added – conference halls on 24th and a restaurant on the 25th floor. Today the tower stands proudly again, as a symbol of the resurrection of Belgrade, providing breathtaking views of the city. The restaurant Top of the Hub offers several choices of buffet menus, a la carte menus, as well as large selection of snacks or light appetizers. The restaurant is ideal setting for organizing various types of events – corporate events, cocktails, weddings, educational gatherings, fashion shows, congresses, conferences and presentations. While you are trying the most beautiful flavors that are prepared for you by the top chefs from the Top of the Hub, you can enjoy the 360-degree panoramic view.

belgrade 3 things to do in Belgrade Serbia travel guide



  1. Awake the kid in you and see some wild animals

Address: Belgrad Zoo – 1 Street Srebarna

Belgrade’s zoo, famous for its rare breeds of albino lions, tigers and kangaroos, and home to Muja the Alligator, who has been living there since 1936, surviving both World War 2 and the NATO bombing. The kids really enjoy the elephants who eat from your hand, the monkey who splits on you or feed some of the cutes sweetest goatlings in the baby zoo. All the animals are well cared and happy, they have good living conditions and most of the cages are already renovated. There are plenty of interesting and exotic animals from different parts of the world. There is a beautiful wall around the zoo with hundreds of tiles painted with different animals.

  1. Spend a fun day at the Sea of Belgrade

Address: University Botanical Garden – 49 Street Moscovska

Ada Cigania is a small beach resort on The Sea of Belgrade ( More Beograda). Ada Cigania is an island on the Save River. In the center of the island there is an artificial lake with a beach, popular among locals. Apart from the beach, Ada Cagania offers a wide variety of museums, cafes, restaurants and cultural attractions. Besides a 7-kilometer-long stretch of beach, it has all the facilities that a recreational sportsman could dream of: basketball courts, five-a-side football fields, a bungee jumping platform and a dry ski slope to name just a few. In the late-evening, between spring and autumn, you can admire the light spectacle offered by the fountain in the middle of the lake, based on the design of the iconic Jet d’Eau in Geneva. Also, you can enjoy a paintball fight or laser tag game at Ada Ciganlija.

belgrade 3 botanical garden things to do in Belgrade Serbia travel guide


  1. Enjoy a lovely day in the Park

Address: Topsider Park – , MAP  

Topcider is a part of the largest forested area in Belgrade, the so-called lungs of Belgrade. The park is the oldest one built outside of the city – nearly 200 years ago. The vast Topcider, named after the Turkish word for cannons, as this is where the Turks cast their cannons for the 1521 attack on Belgrade. It has been a favorite picnic area for Belgraders since the 19th century, when its gigantic sycamore tree was planted, which is protected by the state. It’s home to the Palace of Prince Milos, which today hosts the museum of the First Serbian Uprising. There is also a small Topcider Church and a restaurant. And it is the only park in Belgrade that has a creek and artificial lake.

  1. Escape from the city for a green day

Address: Kosutnjak park –  MAP  

Kosutnjak is a forest and a park. The hill is 250m high and covers the area of 330 hectare. The evergreen and deciduous forest is crisscrossed by many forest trails and numerous walking paths. It was named Kosutnjak probably because of the “kosuta”, a species of deer that used to be found there. Until 1903 the dense forest was a royal hunting reserve, which was then opened to the public. Kosutjak Hill includes two specialized facilities: “Pionirski grad (Pioneer Town) sports and recreational center and “Filmski grad” (Film Town) with many studios, building equipment for the film industry. Further down the hillside lies the “Kosutnjak” sports and recreational center, which include a playground for football, athletics, volleyball, basketball and handball, as well as five outdoor and one indoor swimming pool. For lovers of skiing, Kosutnjak has summer and ski slopes. At the foot of the hill, which was once the hunting ground of the Obrenovic family, is the spring of the Hajducka cesma. (Hajducka fountain). Kosutnjak Hill also has the “Kosutnjak” camping ground, the “Trim” hotel and the restaurants “Kosuta”, “Golf”, “Devetka” and “Panorama”.

 belgrade 4 park things to do in Belgrade Serbia travel guide


  1. Visit the Nikola Tesla Museum

Address: Nikola Tesla Museum – Krunska 51, MAP / FB / LINK

The Nikola Tesla Museum is dedicated to honoring and displaying the life and work of one of the greatest inventors and engineers of all time, came from a family of Serbian origin, and in his last will he stated that his possessions should be transferred to Belgrade after his death. The museum, hosted in a beautiful residential villa built in 1927, is the only home of Tesla’s personal inheritance containing the original plans and drawings of his inventions, which revolutionized the fields of energy production and distribution. Its first part is primarily a memorial exhibition, while the second part is an interactive one, with 3D computer generated models of Tesla’s inventions. From time to time, the museum organizes thematic exhibitions of documents, photographs and other material in order to display some periods from Tesla’s inventive life. The urn containing his ashes, a bone of contention between the museum and the Orthodox Church – which insists they ought to be buried – is kept in a golden orb inside the museum for visitors to see. Tesla’s archive forms part of the UNESCO Memory of the World Register, recognizing the value of this collection to scientists even in the present day.

  1. Visit the largest eastern Orthodox temple

Address: Sveti Save Temple – Pl. Alexander Nevski, MAP / FB / LINK

Sveti Sava Temple Belgrade is the largest eastern Orthodox temple in all of Serbia and among the largest such churches around the world. She is dedicated to Sava, the founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church and a very important figure in medieval Serbia. In the place where the temple is built today, the Ottoman Vizier Sinan Pasha burned the remains of St. Sava. First there was a small church, but later, in its place, was build the huge temple of St. Sava, which you can visit today. Most of the church is subsidized and its build thanks to donations. In the basement of St. Sava there is a crypt, there is also the saint’s treasury. The entire façade is made of white marble and granite, and the interior decoration is mosaic. The temple is built in a high place, and thus can be seen throughout the city.

belgrade Sveti Save Temple things to do in Belgrade Serbia travel guide


  1. Raise your adrenaline, while rafting on Tara river

Address: Tara river   MAP  

If you are an adrenaline person, you should experience rafting on Tara, while you are in Serbia. The canyon of the river Tara is one of the deepest in the world. Also, is the biggest reservoir of the drinking water in Europe. The rafting journey is very exciting and its 120 kilometers long with a numbered of falls and water rapids. The most exciting part is the last 20km from the place called Brstanovica, there are over 20 beautiful, exciting and biggest rapids, which lead you to the phenomenal excitement and adrenaline rush of ecstasy. At certain places, the bravest can try and jump in with some natural jump in the rocks. As a kind of attraction on the lower canyon stand out so-called Manita springs, which from a height of about 20m falls at Tara.

There are few companies that are running, you can choose between Rafting club” Tara-Raft” (, Serbian adventures ( ), Rafting Center Drina – Tara ( ) and many others.

  1. Kopaonik has everything for adventurous skiing and snowboarding fans

Address: Kopaonik –  MAP  

The Serbian Ski Resort of Kopaonik has direct access to 20 individual pistes, served by 21 ski lifts. With skiing above 2000 meters, snow cover is generally reliable. The maximum vertical rise is 521 meters, while the longest run 3.5km long. Kopaonik is very well suited to beginners with four nursery slopes with their own lifts, a well-respected ski school and two thirds of the terrain grated easy for rapid progression. Intermediate standard skiers will find seven trails graded red, the longest the 2k long Krcmar run.  The resort is regular host of many ski and snowboarding competitors. Snowboarding is popular in the resort with the young crowd that keep the resort buzzing at night taking to the slopes in the day. There can also be good off-piste powder when conditions are right.  Well known for its nightlife, all action centers on the main square, where a circular arcade contains late-night bars including live music venues Prestige and Club Hardy. Other popular spots are the Café Andrea and Café Royal. The dolly Bell Bar is popular meeting place when the lifts close and the Dancing Bar remains open in to the small hours.

 belgrade Kopaonik things to do in Belgrade Serbia travel guide


  1. Shop like a local browse the Kalenic Market

Address: Kalenic Market – between Maksima Gorkog and Njegoseva Streets,     

An open-air greenmarket is a good place to visit when you want to catch a glimpse of real life in the city. In Kalenic Market you can find fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, meat and deli meats, cheeses, natural honey, teas and herbs, stone ground flour, wild mushrooms, culinary herbs, collard greens, artisan wares, pets and you are buying directly from local producers. You can try national delicacies such as sir (white cheese from cows’ milk) and kajmak (an unripened cheese similar to clotted cream), ewe or goat milk, Užice prosciutto (beef or pork), čvarci – pig cracklings and its subspecies, duvan-čvarci – tobacco cracklings (where cooking is prolonged until all fat melts away and what’s left resembles finely chopped tobacco), bacon, sausages, and there is also a section with eggs and poultry, all sold directly by the producers. The vendors also allow shoppers to touch, pick, squeeze, pat, sniff, handle and even taste their produce for free, and are indelibly proud of selling only the highest quality goods. On the outer edge of the market, you will see the queue if front of the bakery, they sell loaves of bread and lepinja (round and puffy flatbread) baked in a wood-fired oven. Alongside the market are patisseries, restaurants and small shops, not to mention a daily flea market laden with potential souvenirs. Kalenic offers probably the wildest selection of fish and seafood available in Belgrade. The fish is genuinely fresh and a wild catch straight from the Danube or the Sava. The market works Monday to Sunday from 6 am till 8 pm, but if you wish to see the market in full flourish, best come between 8 am and 2pm, and expect largest crowds on weekends.



  1. Novi Sad – the heart of Vojvodina Region

Address: Novi Sad –  MAP  

Serbia’s second largest city is located in the heart of the Vojvodina Autonomous Region. Novi Sad is developing along the left bank of the Danube. Unlike the central and southern parts of Serbia, the Hungarian influence is felt in the city, especially in the device and the general view. One of the most impressive sights in Novi Sad is the Petrovaradin fortress – it is a huge fortress complex built on a hillside on the river that is situated on a total area of 112 hectares. These dimensions and the historical past around the fortress of Novi Sad make it one of the largest and most impressive fortresses in the whole of Eastern Europe. There is clocktower and the interesting thing about it is that the its arrows are swapped – the minute shows the minutes and the bigger hours. This is done to allow fishing vessels on the Danube to see what the right time is from a distance. Each year the castle hosts one of the biggest music festivals in Europe – EXIT. The central part of the city is a square where the cathedral of Our Lady, with distinctive Gothic architecture. Among other sights of Novi Sad are the Orthodox Church of St. George, the Museum of Vojvodina, the Collection of Foreign Art, the Danube Park, the old Jewish synagogue. Novi Sad can boast of three bridges crossing the Danube as the Petrovaradin fortress is reached on the Varadin Bridge. Like in Paris, couples here “lock” their love. On the railing of the Varadian Bridge you can see dozens of padlocks on which the names of the lovers are written. The Serbian town has its own beach Shrant, where you can get some sunbathing.

  1. The real spirit of Serbia – Sremski Karlovci

Address: Sremski Karlovci–  MAP  

Sremski Karlovci is a very old town, which was created as a Roman fortress and after its capture by the Turks became the center of Serbian spirituality, and Karlovci became the city with the most numerous Serbian population within the Empire. It is a historic town with preserved architecture on the right bank of the Danube with many ancient buildings. One of the most famous destinations in the city is the most monumental building in Vojvodina – the residence of the 19th century patriarch. The Serbian Orthodox Diocese is also home to the Serbian Orthodox Church. The Cathedral of St. Nicholas was built in 1762 and is one of the best examples of architecture in Vojvodina in the 18th century, and the paintings on its walls are a masterpiece of the Serbian Baroque fresco. The Four Lions Fountain of 1799 is an interesting attraction. It was built on the occasion of the completion of the first public water supply system in Karlovci and, according to the legend, everyone who drinks it will return to the town to stay forever there. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Museum of Beekeeping and Wine Cellar with tasting of seven types of wine, including the special Bermet dessert wine, which was preferred by the aristocrats of Austro-Hungary in the 19th century, as well as three types of honey. When you walk around Sremski Karlovci, do not miss the Panorama – the place where the poet’s sculpture Dusko Trifunovic has a spectacular view of the city and its sights.

belgrade Sremski Karlovci things to do in Belgrade Serbia travel guide


  1. Explore the hidden city beneath the ground

Address: MAP / FB / LINK

Belgrade underground reveals the most hidden secrets of this city! Rich 7000-year history is kept by caves, dungeons, walled rivers, tunnels, bunkers, and numerous constructions demolished and built by nations that settled there during time. Consequently, there are countless ruins to be found buried beneath the city, many of which undiscovered for centuries. There are built up in last 300 years by the Austrians, Serbs and Germans – all structures that are remains of people who settled Belgrade. From the foundations of the main gate of a Roman fortress dating from the start of the first millennium to secret passageways dug during the conflict between Tito and Stalin in the mid-20th century, Belgrade’s multi-layered past in unique in its accessibility to the public. Route continues in big gunpower warehouse where walls tell the stories about defense of Christian Europe from Turkish Empire. You will see Army bunker from period of the Second World War. Final point is wine cellar that exudes the time of Serbian liberation from the Turkish rule. You can enjoy wine degustation. For those curious to find out more, there are several paid guided tours currently running throughout the week which help contextualize Belgrade’s underground sights within a historical framework.


  1. Float along the Danube and Sava rivers on a cruise boat

Address: Kej Yacht Club, MAP / FB / LINK

Kej Yacht Club provides four boats for private functions and corporate events, as well as themed discos with live music. Also, they have late-afternoon cruise, which takes guests on a panoramic tour past the city’s most notable features on the waterfront. The boats are very comfortable, with two levels, with open bar and restaurant, open Deck, WIF and very kind and helpful staff. The cruising season lasts from March till end of October and it has three programs: Daily tour (90 min), Sunset tour (90 min) and Party boat (3h)

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