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Thai Cooking Class in Chiang Mai : Local Lanna Style

July 28, 2019

Travelling around the world is amazing but it wouldn’t be the same for us without food. As you may know, we are passionate about local food – especially spicy – and local cuisine became one of our favorite things to try when travelling. With that being said and because Thai food is our predicted we decide to experience a Thai cooking class with TakemeTour, to know more about the ingredients, making process and secrets behind this delicious Asian food.

Very early in the morning, at 8 a.m, we got picked by the lovely owners of Chiang Mai Love Cooking School, so we could go to the market in order to buy fresh vegetables and ingredients for the food we were going to prepare later. No, we are not morning people, but this time was for good cause! Lin, one of the founders, told us the name of each ingredient, why we would use it, how to pick good veggies and any other curiosity we would have.

Chiang Mai Love Cooking School

After our local market shopping session, they drove us to Chiang Mai Love Cooking School ,a cute beautiful place 45 minutes away from Chiang Mai city. As soon as we got there, one of the owners gave us a tour through their garden explaining all the veggies they were growing. We started by making our own Coconut milk using a traditional method – our hands! It was a fun and interesting process since we would use this milk to prepare the main dishes.

Chiang Mai Love Cooking School

Khao soi was the first challenge! Always with an amazing sense of humor, the owner showed us all the ingredients we should use to prepare it, how to chop them and all the procedures we should follow to get the best out of it! Do you like spicy? – she asked. Well yeah! I think we should add more chili’s – I said! I can’t remember now, but I’m pretty sure we chopped more than 20 and I must say  that the result was amazing! Because not everybody is crazy about spicy like me, we prepared a not so spicy curry that was also delicious.

Chiang Mai Love Cooking School

Later on, we  prepared Sai Ua, a northern Thai style sausage. If you have never made sausage in your life you should do it! I must say the process of making one is very interesting, funny and relaxing and certainly something you’ll always remember whenever you eat sausage in the future. Once again we put some extras chili’s to make things happier.

And because every meal should have a dessert, we couldn’t leave without doing one! Easy, simple and once again delicious, we made a traditional banana Thai doughnuts. Obviously, We had the chance to try all these amazing delicacies prepared by us and it was a delight along with the owners of the cooking school and staff! We headed back to Chiang Mai around 5 p.m  and we had the chance to bring some Sai Ua leftovers home!

Chiang Mai Love Cooking School

This was one of the most interesting activities we ever did in Chiang Mai, not only because we love cooking but also because the owners were incredible with us.  Happy, curious, funny and always ready to help is how we will remind them forever.

If you like cooking and you want to have an amazing experience just like us we highly recommend Take Me Tour to book your Thai Cooking class and we wouldn’t pick any other school than Chiang Mai Loving School for a real Northern Thai (Lanna) experience .

Chiang Mai Love Cooking School

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