Nomad Life

The Nomad Farm: Live, Volunteer & Learn in the Nature

January 1, 2018

We own a cute little farm in Northern Portugal less than 1 hour from Porto. It’s a nice and quiet place, with lots of outdoor area, gardens and nature to explore around. The beach is 20 minutes away and there is a town 10 minutes away (Barcelos).

It’s the perfect place to work outdoor, create your own projects and work online. The farm was abandoned for over 20 years and we have rebuild it in the last 2 years and turned it into a living place where everyone can have time to focus on their personal projects while living in a family environment and helping each-other in personal and professional projects.

This year we are opening a few volunteer positions where different people from different backgrounds can come together to help on the farm and work on their personal projects.



  • Free accommodation: you will have your own private room
  • Free Bills: Water, Gas, Internet and Electricity is on us
  • Free Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner is on us
  • Teach you how to work online and how to find remote jobs



  • You will be requested to help during 6 hours per day on farm related tasks from Monday to Friday

What kind of tasks?

  • Cooking
  • Gardening : watering plants, planting vegetables and so on
  • Painting and improving the house
  • Small construction projects: outdoor and indoor projects
  • Keeping the house clean and tidy
  • Take care of the animals
  • Online research: helping with basic computer tasks we may need

We are Antonio(28) and Marina(26). We spend Spring and Summer in the Farm and we escape to sunny places during Winter. We both work online and  love to meet new people and and to travel as often as we can. If you want to stalk us a bit to see how weird we are, just click on our names to check our Facebook.

Before you take your time to contact us we want to make some points clear about the goals of the project:

  • Project should be starting in April 2018
  • Minimum stay : 2 weeks
  • We will be living together and anyone who makes others feel threatened or doesn’t help will be kicked out from the farm
  • You will have a daily schedule and tasks and you must complete them
  • Minimum age: 20 | Maximum age: 40
  • Any kind of hate, disrespect for other people’s beliefs, sexual orientation or any others won’t be tolerated.
  • We do regular trips out of the farm to as many places we can and do as many team building activities we can
  • You must be fluent in English
  • Pets are welcome (it’s a farm!)
  • Rent, bills and 3 meals per day will be covered by us
  • Any alcohol or extra food should be paid by yourself.
  • You break something you fix it!
  • Couples are welcome


If you are interested send us an email to telling us more about yourself, what you could offer and why you would like to spend some good time with us.

Include also the following personal info : Name, age, country, food restrictions, skills you have, how long you would like to stay, work experience, interests.