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Four fantastic things to do in Portorož during your vacation in Slovenia

January 14, 2018

Portorož is definitely one of the “must-see” places in Slovenia, especially in the summer during your summer vacation. It is the Slovenian Riviera and it offers many things to do, on the coast and elsewhere.

Let’s check a few that really stand out and add that extra something to the vacation on the Slovenian coast, especially if you are planning to stay in Portorož.

Sečovlje Salina Nature Park

One of the destinations very close to Portorož is the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park which is a beautiful place to explore and to see how the salt is harvested from the sea. It is also a great place for taking long walks in peaceful nature with birds walking around the park. There is also a multimedia centre available where digital enthusiasts will be able to enjoy videos about the Salina Park. You really should not miss this park if you come to Portorož.

Arts and Convention Centre Avditorij Portorož

Most people come to the coast only for the sea and for the relaxing activities related to lying at the beach and staying at a hotel. Luckily, you can do more than that in Portorož as the city also offers cultural activities and the place to visit is the Avditorij Portorož with its wide offer of cultural and entertainment program, including conferences and other events, such as concerts, theatrical as well as dance performances. If you want to catch some cultural events, the Avditorij Portorož is the right address.

Parenzana Trail

Do you enjoy cycling and history? You might find a real gem close to Portorož in the form of the Parenzana trail, a former narrow gauge railway that connected Trieste with Porec and was operating from the beginning of the century until 1935 when it was terminated due to unprofitability and the development of roads. Today, the Parenzana trail is a popular cycling route that will take you from Koper, past Portorož and towards the city of Porec in Croatia. It is a beautiful experience with beautiful views of the surrounding hills, taking the cycling experience to a whole new level. Set off to the adventure and explore Istria on a bicycle!

Beaches in Portorož

If you are planning to visit Portorož for any of the possible reasons – be it for vacation, business meetings, cultural events, change of climate – and if you are doing it in the summer, you will want to take a swim in the sea for sure. There are several beaches in Portorož; all of them are great destinations for enjoying on the beach, swimming, or for starting another adventure in the seas. There are also many restaurants nearby where you can enjoy the delicious seafood, as well as some local delicacies to make the experience even better. All the beaches also include areas for children so that they will be able to use the amazing amounts of energy without being worried how to make them busy while you are enjoying the beautiful beach.

One of the nearby hotels where you can spend the night is the Boutique Hotel Marita that offers high-end rooms, facilities for business meetings if you visit Portorož with entrepreneurial tasks and even some wellness options to relax after a long day at the beach or at a congress centre.

If you used to consider Portorož to be just one of the Slovenian coastal cities, we hope that this article proved you wrong. There is much more to do and to explore.

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