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The Nomad Farm 2017: Co-living with a Purpose

January 30, 2017

After couple of years on the road, in March 2016, I moved back to Portugal to start something that has been stuck in my mind, The Nomad Farm.

During 6 months over 50 people from all around the world spend from few days to several months living in a small farm I own 1 hour from Porto(Portugal). The farm was abandoned for over 20 years and the plan was to live together and turn an abandoned place into a living place where everyone would have time to focus on their personal projects while living in a family environment and helping each-other in personal and professional projects. It was an amazing experience and thanks to everyone’s help we turned the farm into a lovely place.

This year we are planning to do a 1 month Project where different people from different backgrounds would come together to live together and work on different personal projects and renovation projects in the farm.

What is the plan?

This year we want to bring together people with different backgrounds. From people who work online, artists, creative people and anyone who is curious and adventurous and looking to try something different.

We have some personal projects and we would be doing a small documentary (Video, Photo and Paintings) from the entire month. If you have a project or a creative idea that you would like to try with different people from around the world this can be the perfect environment to make it happen.

If you have any creative project, artistic idea, skill you would like to teach and share we would love to hear from you so we can bring the best possible group together to the farm.

The project dates are flexible but it should be happening in May 2017. 

The Farm:

  • The farm is located in a quiet area 3km from the city of Barcelos, Portugal.
  • The farm has 5 rooms and a huge outdoor area (camping area)
  • We have a mini swimming pool, river, outdoor dinning area and lots of green area in the farm.
  • There is everything you may need on this farm and if you would like to go to town for the night or for any needs or shop at one of the small supermarkets and shops, you can walk or cycle to the city in less than 30 minutes. Bicycles can be used to reach all of the facilities in the area we need.
  • I have a beach house available less than 20 minutes away from the farm, so relaxing beach days can be found on the weekends or for long breaks.
  • The city of Porto is only 45 minute bus ride from Barcelos, which makes it easy to go out and meet new people during the weekends.
  • There are buses and trains departing daily from Barcelos to all the main cities if you want to travel (closest airport is Porto)



  • We are looking for easy-going people who work online or want to focus on personal and group projects, whatever they may be.
  • Accommodation will be free, however, you will be required to help clean and maintain the house. This includes repairing furniture, painting walls, cooking, gardening, group projects, etc.
  • Share the costs of the meals and bills (around 4Euros per day according to last year experience)
  • Share everything as a family, from food, knowledge, small trips around the area, etc.
  • Be fluent in English and ready to help the fellow housemates
  • Be willing to share your skills and learn with the others

PS: This is not a Happy Hippie Cult  or a Freeloader kind of thing. This is our farm and we are opening our doors to new people for the life experience it will bring to everyone involved. If you are just looking for a free room to stay and do your own stuff this project is not a good fit for you.


If you are interested in the project and joining our team  fill this form *CLICK HERE* or drop me an email at or get in touch with us on  Facebook !

Looking forward to hearing from you!







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